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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 9



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad)

“See them the same birds flock together they say…. and I know you both are the same yeye birds”, another woman sitting next to mama Stephen spat at Agnes mother, but everyone knows Agnes mother to always support and fight for her friends, she was about to sit back after her statement to Stephen’s mother but at the voice and statement of the other woman she jumped up and charged towards the other woman with fire in her eyes, many women quickly stood up to block her path, while others held the other woman back…. the church was in commotion, “ stop shouting oooo, this is the church, solve your indifferences outside, nobody is a saint, green snake under the green grass, useless mother…. and so many comment coming from different people.

Joy mother had sneaked out of their midst unknown to anyone, if they want to remove her they should, it’s up to them. She thought to her self as she walked back home sluggishly, as she made her path slowly to her grave like house which she usually dread but has no option but to go, her breath became hollow and her stance change . She will have to go home to the angry lion again… when will all her tribulations come to an end, she is tired of threading
on thorny path, maybe one day she will have a smooth ride but not today so she jeered up for the upcoming disaster.

To her surprise he didn’t make any noise or shout as she entered the gate, but he was by the door waiting for her, he watched her as she walked slowly inside the house, her head was banging so she went to lay on the chair in the small parlour, he followed after her and sat on the other and last tattered chair. He cleared his throat to get her attention but mama joy was not in the mood, infact his presence was annoying her but she needed to rest, so as
usual she pretended like he was not there and tried to get some sleep but as usual he wouldn’t let the sleeping dog lie.

“ so the women too are beginning to poke nose right?”, she pretended like she didn’t eat and layed still, he jumped up and hit her face causing her to jump up … have told you to always answer me whenever I call, are you maaad !”

He roared, mama joy held her red cheek and kept mute, because she was almost white just like joy every mark gotten from her husband are obvious and just like that her cheeks were red… “ remember what I told you, he continued as he bent low to stay in the same height with his wife… I said did you remember what I told you?”.

He asked again this time with a low and threatening voice, mama Agnes shook her head positively, he always seems to say the same sentence whenever he wants to threaten her,… “ I will make your life unbearable, for what you did to me, I will tear you into pieces and feed you to the dogs” , he went to the corner of the parlour where he usually keep his alcohol and brought out a bottle, he sat on the floor beside his wife and started drinking, joy mother fear increased, his attitude has been getting worst day by day, she feared for the day his animalistic part will surface again just like before, she didn’t want him to hurt joy.

He is mad!, she thought to her self, she dare not get up from where she was sitting or try to sleep… he doesnt need to say it. Sitting like that and drinking his alcohol to stupor is enough to pass his message , the two sat like that in silence until it was deep into the afternoon, joy mother was hungry and she needed to eat, she dared to look at him and noticed that he was fast asleep, she jumped up and went into the kitchen to get something to eat .

It was past seven and joy wasn’t still home, her father was still fast asleep so he hasn’t noticed, joy mither knew there would be great trouble once he wake up and didn’t find her at home, she knew where she was so she went out in search of her.

On getting to chioma’s house with the eba and banga soul that she promised she met only the worried little John at home, he was sitting by the door with his two hands resting on hos chin, staring into the almost dark night, immediately he saw her his face lit up, man joy quickly got the message that both joy and chioma were not back yet, she took John inside the house fed him his food then made sure he slept before securing the door and leaving the
key where chioma will see it then she set out in search of joy .

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