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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 8



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad)

Joy mother is the woman leader in her church and every Wednesday morning they usually hold a prayer session, she didn’t want to be late and she knows that once her husband get home before she leaves he won’t let her go or he will delay her causing her to go late.


Once she made sure he was out of the compound she took to her heels and rushed out of the compound also, just as she was going to church that morning she saw John walking briskly to hug her, the boy loves having her around since he doesn’t know his mother and joys mother have been very caring and loving to him and his elder sister, he jumped on her and gave her a tight hug, “mamaaaaa I miss you, why did you stop coming to visit us” he chided,
joy mother set him down quickly straining her neck to see who was watching before responding to him.

She explained to him that she was always busy and that he should expect her that night as she would make sure to bring banga soup and eba for him and his sister, the boy was happy he hugged her again and trotted home happily, but not before Joy’s mother ask for his elder sister wherabout and he told her that she has gone to school. She squeezed some change into his small hand and told him to buy sweet and biscuit with it even though she knew that he would give to his elder sister, as they went their separate way joys mother stance changed completely, she hates seeing the children unprepared especially little Johnny.


In the church she met with Agnes mother who is also her best friends the women exchanged greeting and started taking, Agnes mother was full of rage, not at her friend but at her friends husband, “ I know you will not leave him, everyone knows that what happened was not your fault and if you continue this way, even joy that you kept in darkness will detest you!”, joys mother was confuse she did t want to drag joy into the issue not after all the challenges and hardship she was already facing with her father, mama Agnes please and please ehn just pity me ….

Biko oooo ehn joy is still too young to know, I wouldn’t want to put the elder one in that spot, it all happened in front of her, if not….” just then her voice became shaky and she started crying, “ and that is why I beg God everyday to forgive me for the mistakes i made, I hate seeing joy that way, I hate seeing her father treat her that way, at least he raised her….


I don’t want to loose another husband that’s why I can’t leave!” The woman was crying and almost wailing loudly,mucus was coming out of her nose and she quickly dried it with the cloth in her bag, she looked so worried and distressed, she knew all the secrets and frustrations were getting to her, she was feeling weak day by day maybe she should just tell joy everything, but she doesn’t want to loose her love just like she loosed hers, she grasp her friend hand and continued crying, mama Agnes gave her friend water and continued talking, everyone knew the woman that she will say her mind.

She hates keeping things to herself especially things about her loved ones … “ have started hearing the whispers!… you know our village, people are getting curious and I will urge you to tell joy before she hears it outside, don’t put that other poor child in the hot spot…. for once choose not to be selfish…. and it’s better you stop crying, aside from crying what do you do, better don’t kill yourself, you still have a lot of responsibilities” and with those words she hugged her crying friends and consoled her.


After few minute mama joy gained her stance and took her tablet, other members started arriving for the meeting, just as mama joy stood up to welcome and adress everyone one of the woman that doesn’t like her guts shouted from their midst, “ I think we need to talk about removing this woman from the post!” All head turned to see who just made the statement and it turned out to be mama Stephen, mama Agnes snorted and shouted back in anger …
“yeye! Eheee see them … bad belle,soooo you people have started gossiping and doing meetings abi, this is church ooo and I hope we all know that no one is perfect” she stood up and shouted back facing mama Stephen,

Many people seems to angry with her as they replied with OHOOOO,GBAM!, but mama Stephen and her crew had planned it well and they were ready for joy mother, mama joy on her own didn’t want to fight with anybody she
sat down back gently, she didn’t want more troubles to the ones she had on her table already.


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