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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 7



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad)

As usual the journey to joy’s school was quiet and awkward, when joy was little about five to ten years old she used to think all fathers were cold and annoying like her father, but her thought changed when she met chioma’s father.

The man was so caring and nice, at times he rebukes his children but not to the extents of bullying and controlling them like rams, although they didn’t have a mother but she was very sure that he would not raise his hands to beat his wife. “ fool come down we are at your school already”, her father cold voice broke into her thought, she didn’t say any word she just came down and walked quickly out of his sight, as she approached she noticed Agnes waving at her from a corner, just then her face lit up and she ran toward her friend, the too girls hugged tightly before letting each other off.

Agnes was the first to talk, “ joy please forgive me for running off yesterday, you know how much I detest cane, and my mum doesn’t like it when she sees mark on my body, the last time your father flogged me, she almost came to your house and I will really love to avoid that”, she concluded looking down at her feet and twisting the edge of her school uniform skirt.

Joy Burst out into a long and mocking laughter as she called her friends several names like coward, ngbeke, fish, no bone, mindless goat and many more. After she saw that the girl was almost confused and more heartbroken she hugged her and told her that she understood. After all, who lovesg to be whipped and beaten just like that when it’s not Ice cream .

The almost crying Agnes was relieved, the two friends walked together to their classroom, although Agnes was in the art class they were both having English lectures in the same hall. As they entered the corridor the hall was filled up and noisy as usual, joy doesn’t like the sight and noise at all.

THE NEXT ICON is the only school in their village where all the children that want to be educated are taken too right from when they want to start till they complete their secondary education, the school has both the primary and secondary student. Although tattered and unkempt, the building looking as if it will collapse any time from that
moment .

After school that day the two girls went in search of their friend like elder sister in her class, she is in her final class which is ss3, joy and Agnes were both in ss1, chioma saw them and quickly gestures for them to come sit beside her in the class, the three girls sat there and started talking and gisting, joy explained everything that happened the day during Agnes absence, Agnes could not stop laughing especially the part when Chioma was running after
both father and daughter .

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