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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 6



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad)

That night joy could not sleep, she tried to force herself to sleep but it just wouldn’t come, she felt robbed; all of her fights and struggle so is this how she will give up, she kept on tossing and turning in her bed, hot tears were rolling down from her eyes, but what can she do.

Her mother comes first and she can’t afford to lose the only person that loves her dearly. Joy’s mother didn’t know when she hissed, she gave her husband a disguised look and walked past him to check on her daughter, just as she feared the poor girl couldn’t sleep. She was crying and thinking hard, she sat close to her on the bed and sang her lullaby until she slept.

Just as joy fell asleep her mother thought wandered to the good old days when she felt love really existed, oh she was happy and content with her family not until the unthinkable happened, she quickly dragged her thought out of that deep tunnel and gently placed her daughters head on the wrapper which she has folded in place of a small pillow.

As she slid out of the room she put out the almost finished candle and walked out quietly in order not to wake her precious daughter, which of her children will she say are suffer the most, is it joy or the others ?”….. her eyes were wet and teary, “ am just so useless, what’s my existence when all my children are suffering and I can’t even protect them”.

She staggered into the small parlor, that is where she has been passing her night for the past six years since the heart struck oh incident happened and she is very happy and content with it as she doesn’t want to share her bed with her beastlike husband. She prepared her little bed beside the mat and a thick wrapper beside the table and laid down gently to prevent the already existing body pain due to all the beating and stress to escalate and just as she closed her eyes she journeyed into the dream land .

Joy woke up to the sound of her father’s old and rugged bike, her father can kill for that bike. To him that bike is very priceless and he will doesn’t get tired of telling people how he got it when he went to Lagos in his youth days, he had been a carpenter in Lagos and had bought a bike with his hard earned money,he buttressed everyone who cares to listen. Joy suddenly jumped up from her bed, she would be late for school again today, at the thought of school she squeezed her face and made a sad sound unconsciously.

It’s not like joy doesn’t like school, infact she love school because it helps her stay away from her father and also meet with her friends and socialize but the calculation and mathematics aspect of it usually bother her soul, infact the science sessions are like poison to her wellbeing and that is what she has always try to explain to her father, she had pleaded that he let her convert bayonet where she was before he came to their school to cause ruckus that his daughter should be taken to science department.

As she stood up slowly she saw her mother’s made pillow and smiled, just then she remembered that she hasn’t seen her mother that morning, at the thought of her mother her heart was filled with joy and renewed hope .Immediately it felt like she can do anything and go through the day without any problem, she bounced out of her small room towards the kitchen where her mother was sitting crouched to the firewood trying to make her breakfast as usual, she hugged her from the back and gave her a resounding kiss on the cheeks .

Her mother shooed her off playfully, warding her off to the bathroom to take her bath and prepare for school, she ran to the window and peeped to see what her father was doing on his bike and as usual he was servicing his bike getting it ready to take her to school, she groaned and quickly ran to the bathroom as she doesn’t want to get whipped that early morning again.

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