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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 2



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode

Your daughter is a stupid and foolish girl and I will kill her today !”…. joy father roared with his eyes bulging and heart racing,joy mother took another step back in fear,she has always seen her husband as her mini God,after God her husband was her next God.


She dare not disobey or say a word when he speak,let alone of when he shout… her heart almost jumped out of her chest when he shouted.

It was past 6 in the evening and joy father could not stay in one place,he had been pacing about for the past three hours since he found out his daughter had successfully sneaked out again after locking the door,and securing the gate


He was lamenting and cursing loudly,joy mother was sweating prufeously like someone that has just ran five round around the village square … although it was due to the fear in her heart, “eheeee joy oooo… you will not kill me,you and your father will not finish me,you know I have high blood ehn… ehn…” she looked up at her husband for help,but the man just eyed her and hiss … “illiterate!”

He spat out with obvious anger,he strode to the window to peep if joy was coming,from the parlour window one could see the far end of the street.


He turned back to his wife and spoke harshly,well that is how he speak to her,not like he respect or talk to her with love so she was already used to it,after all she didn’t go to school and her husband knows it all . “ you better talk to that thing you call childso I will not let her disgrace and tarnish my hard earn image in this village … if she wants to be an illiterate like you,then she will leave my house and you will leave with her! Nonsense!!… foolish set of people .. I wish I had a son” he concluded and stormed out of the house,he was getting impatient,tired of waiting for her.

So he went in search of her,one would think joy mother will feel hurt and start crying at the hurtful words her husband just said but that was not the case,immediately he exited the gate she made a long sound of relief and went into the room to quickly use her drugs before he return home.


She dare not use the drug in his presence,he will call her sickler and she detest that name to The core,she had once asked one of the teachers in joy school and he had told her the meaning… “mama joy,it’s a bad thing ooo,sickler means a dead person oooo,somebody thatcan die anytime,just like fowl oo .

Since then joy mother had been scared of using her drugs in front of her husband because she doesn’t want to die like a fowl and she believes that whatever you are being called or known as will one day happen to you.


Trouble ooooooo,everybody run!… it was Winnifred that gave the warning with her loud and thick voice,at the sound of her warning Agnes rushed to switch off the music player that was playing the song they were dancing to,joy hissed and hit her head on the tree there were using for coverage,she already knows the trouble that was coming… “your father is at it again,that man will not allow you do what you want to do,does he allow you brush your teeth at your own will”

Chioma another girl in the gathering asked,the other girls laughed at her joke and started to disperse,none of them want to be entangled with Joy’s father palava,he is known for his strictness and know it all character,if he report them to their parent once they won’t be able to step out of their gate forever so they quickly packed their belonging and ran off,only Agnes and chioma stood back,Chioma had no parent infact she had been fending for herself and little brother since their father died due to an illness,their mother left them since they were babies and she doesn’t know her mother,the painful aspect was that her father didn’t tell her up till he died,although she is older than most of the girls she practice dance session with,she still love to be with them,especially joy.


“Eheeen he’s almost here,don’t say anything ooo so his anger won’t double,whatever he says just say yes sir”chioma advices joy as her father approach with his usual stormy face .. “your father hardly smile!… if all fathers are like this,am greatful I don’t have”Agnes said under her breath,the three girls laughed and quickly stood straight in readiness of the war coming with rage.

At long last joy father got closer to them,it was when he was closer that the girls realized that he was coming with a long whip,Agnes was scared as she doesn’t want to be flogged,she knows joy father to fear and regard no one he will flog all of them there therefore she packed her belongings plus the music box and fled waving the other two girls bye.


“I told your mother that you are a bastard,she had better tell me where she got you from,stupid girl!” He shouted as he approached them… “and this your stupid friend what is she doing here… ohooo she’s the one giving you support to be disobedient right!”, finally he got to them,he was panting and sweating after the long walk and run from his house,”let’s go home joy” he shouted … “papa I will come home,chioma will bring me home”joy replies sharply without fear evident in her voice,although she was very sacred but she refused to show it,her mother has always told her that she was just as sturborn as her father.

Then to her surprise,although she wasn’t really surprise Because she knew the cane was for her but at that moment she wasn’t ready for it,she was used to eating cane like food and she takes it knots everyday,a day without cane is like an holiday,but at that moment she wasn’t expecting the cane she thought he would wait till they get home but he didn’t,he whipped the cane on her head and she felt it to her bones …. eheeeeeeee!!


She shouted in pain,chioma stepped back immediately she got scared,the man turned into a beast just within seconds he started whipping the cane all over Joy’s body,joy was crying and shouting while chioma was pleading on her behalf calling for people to help beg the man but no one dares interfere in papa joy and joy matter,everyone including the king already knows them in that village,so all her begging and crying was in vain.

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