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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 18



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad)

Immediately joy’s father came in everyone fell silent including the doctors who were having a funny and happy conversation with the girls, although joy mother wasn’t involved in her conversation but she was enjoying it, she turned to the door to see what caused the silence and she saw him, he was grim he wickedly and there was this look of hate and satisfaction on his face as everyone fell silent.

And that is his own satisfaction, he has always had this craving to be feared, “‘fear is not respect” joy will last tell him, but he won’t listen…. hello everyone ! He greeted scornfully, no one answers him, Chioma hissed loudly and set to arrange the flowers and gift that they brought, “ I want them out” he told his wife, pointing at the three girls, joy looked at her mother expecting her to shun him or send him out, this will be the first time she set her eyes on him since the incidence, but to her awe her mother remained silent and was even shaking visibly.

“ Mama why is this man not in prison yet…. at least he should suffer a little for what he did to me”, joy asked her mother in front of everyone, the nurses and doctor looked at each other and left the room, Chioma smiled mockingly at joys mother and also carried her bag to leave, the other two ladies did the same and stalked out of the room… “ mother, I won’t live with this man anymore, it’s either you see dhim our, leave him alone or I go…. am still young and I won’t let someone destroy my life and destiny”

Joy father always knows when to talk and when to talk and when not talk, just like when his wife came to bail him and Chioma rushed in, if he had argued the DPO or other policemen who wants him in the prison would have won, but he knows that if he kept quiet his fool called his wife will do all the taking.

He enjoys threatening and using her, how he wishes she knows that he will still do more and more to hurt joy and everyone around his wife that she holds dear. At this point joy father was having issues with his Brian but no one knew, he is already possessed with his wife, not that he loves her but he just wants her around to always embarrass and beat her up.

Joy’s mother stood up from the chair and made to escort her friends out of the compound, Chioma looked at the woman like she was thrash…. “I won’t let you use your foolishness…. to kill this girl” she told joy’s mother and stormed off after her friend who stood there waiting for her” , he sat and ordered his wife to get him food again, joy was getting irritated, her mother wasn’t that crazy or selfish to protect him After all that did to her.

Twelve weeks later It was past four in the morning and the two girls were panting as they walked quickly to joys
house, … “ heeheehee Chioma don’t kill me ooo, walk slowly now!” Agnes shouted after her friend as she ran to meet up with her for the fifth time since they started walking, Chioma didn’t answer Agnes… her mind was on how to get joy out of the house that morning, she didn’t want to fail their plan this time.

They had tried the plan for four weeks, about three day after joy was discharged but her mother almost caught up with their plan so they had to drop it. In fact joy has argue with Chioma and Agnes, pleasing them that they shouldn’t go through with the plan. But when her beast like father hit her again and again the following week after her recovery she made up her mind to RUN! before he ran her over.

Agnes’ mother knew about the plan and had given them the address of her elder sister house in Lagos to live there until they finished their competition. Of course joy had missed so many dance rehearsals but she was able to meet up well and she maintained her leader position.

“ why did you come last naw” joy teased the girl as they met her by the gate, Chioma sighed heavily and hugged her… And she finally said “ ahaaa thank God you were able to come out; look at this house well joy because you night did not come back to it” Chioma told her, smiling .

Joy was sad that she would leave her lovely mother but she had tried to stay back for her and her father didn’t change. In fact it got worse recently, he was already acting like an unsettled man, Keats looking for what to say and eat, that is his woke in the house. A light was directed to their path and they quickly froze, Chioma was scared at once, alas it was joy father shining his torch light from his window across the street but it was not to the gate but to the street, the girls stayed there for about six minute when the light finally went

“ girls let’s leave here” joy told her friend she had used her school bag to pack her load about four weeks ago, she backed her heavy bag filled with clothes and books and started their long journey into the darkness and out of the village, as they moved far from joy home, her heart kept reaching out to her mother… “ my mum is the only person I will meet” she told her friends ; “ joy you will be surprised that she might not miss you” Chioma answers her friend ,
joy knew her mother and Chioma do not tally or like themselves so she didn’t take her statement seriously, she pushed her friend playfully and they continued walking to the village pack where they will board a bus going out of the village.

Excitement and hope were evident in the hike eyes, John has been left in the care of Agnes mother, Chioma promise to come for him once she settles down first and find a good job in Lagos , And as for Agnes she is going to Lagos to further her university, joy still hasn’t decide what she’s going to Lagos to do, but one thing she is sure of is that she is running for her safety and life.

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