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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 17



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad)

Chioma dashed into The police station and walked hurriedly to his cell, the two police men who she spoke with earlier spotted her and quickly followed her, at the sight of Chioma; joys father hissed and looked away, he knew what she’s capable of and he feared that she will spoil all his plans that have been going smoothly, joy mothers eyes popped and she looked at her with pity evidence in her eyes.

“ NO WAY!!” The girl roared, it got everyone attention, even the DPO in his office came out to inquire who just roared like that, Chioma was shaking and uncontrollable it was as if the anger in her was about to blow her head away, the younger police man held her back, rumor had it that she and the youn man were in a sort of
relationship, he whispered something into her ear but she shook her head and pushed him off, she stormed to joy father and grabbed his shirt shaking him uncontrollably and wailing, “you destroyed my life!”

She wailed, she kept repeating that same statement but the volume kept increasing and her tears kept flowing, many people had gathered; the DPO knew about the case but since there was no prove he shook his head and walked into his office back, Chioma left him and went to mama joy, she didn’t say anything to the woman, she left her
presence and went to sit by a corner and cried out.

Joys mother felt so helpless at first she motioned for a police man to come, but what she saw scared her again, her husband’s brother who is an assistant to the district DPO drove in, and people quickly made way for him. He went to his brother and hugged him then flared at mama joy…” eheee why is causing the commotion, my brother has been bailed by his wife so why is he still here”

His wife will like to say something” the police man who ma joy called for replies bravely and made to walk to her but his path was blocked by joys father brother, the man came on between them and glared at joy mother who quickly cowered back in fear and that was how joys father left the police station with a smile on his face, Chioma didn’t
say a word to them, she just say by the corner like a statue and cried, well except for the tears were was rushing out, she made no noise and movement. The young and handsome policeman walked up To her and escorted her back home.

Agnes, Stella and Chioma were walking quickly to the hospital, it is two weeks now since joy has been admitted to the hospital and she had finally been able to talk and smile, they got the information from Agnes mother since joy mother had warned the hospital not to allow any of joys friend around her and that was only because of Chioma.

After the incident in the hospital two weeks ago, Chioma went back to the hospital that same evening to see joy but was shocked again when she realized that she wasn’t allowed to see her, of course joy father was there waiting in the visitor room to see her but she was not allowed to, she didn’t want to cause any sence…. after all she has her own little perfect plan,“ all hell will break loose if am not allowed to see joy”

Agnes muttered as the three girls got nearer to the hospital” Chioma laughed out loud like a mad woman and didn’t say more, Stella who is joy sit partner in school and also a quiet girl replied to Agnes threat, “ at least
one out of the three of us should be allowed to see her, the. We can give the school a clearer feedback about her health, or do you think they are hiding something from us?” She asked no one in particular, none of the girls answered as their mind were already fixed in a particular case, which is how to fight their way into the hospital.

To their surprise they didn’t have to fight, it was later they realized that it was because joy had been asking after them since she gained her full stance and sight. The three girls almost squeezed her as they lol hugged her at once, they started chatting at once; forgetting that the nurses and her mother were present, they told her how much everyone in the school misses her and when she asked why they have not visited her all these while, Chioma quickly lies that it was done tang way inorder for her to rest well, which joy quickly bought, she couldn’t stop grinning …

“ At least my flesh is no longer sticking to bed again and lol my wounds are beginning to dry off aaaaaaand I can talk and even laugh now!” She exclaimed with excitement visible In her voice, the girls made a loud cheer and hugged her again, this time the doctor made to separate them highly in order to stop them from touching her wounds and tripping the drip stand, the girls giggled and sat by her side, each bringing out the present and fight they
brought along .

Joy father was pacing about in his compound, since his wife had bailed him out she has refused to come home, mama Agnes was the one who came home all the time to carry their clothes and other things to the hospital, he miss beating and bullying them to show who is the head of the house, he miss acting and shouting at them especially his wife and now he’s jealous that something else is more scarier to his wife than him, and that is the loss of her child(joy)… “ I will need to do something about this” , he muttered to himself as he carried his bag and set for the hospital; locking all the doors and hopping on his old and dirty motor bike.

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