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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 16



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad)

Joys mother was walking briskly to the police station and was almost running as she didn’t  wasn’t anyone to know her whereabouts, she had left joy in care of her best friend and her daughter and quickly left in order to settle the brewing hot tea in the police station, she entered the police station like the last time, she hated to come back here again and again but she has no choice and Chisom’s won’t understand her decisions.

As she entered the station, she was greeted with warm air and bad small feaces and urination combined with unhealthy noise, a police man was beating a criminal who was just brought in, she was heard that he raped someone. At the mention of that joys mother heart constricted and she lost her balance.

Two police men quickly saw this and guided her to sit down and gave her water, almost everyone knew about her bad health, it has been like that since she heard the dismissal of chiomas father.

It happened that dark night around 10pm in the night, China had rushed to give her the news with hot tears rolling from her eyes and blood in between her legs. Mama joy’s thoughts were interrupted by a man’s voice ….” madam! madam!… he is ready to See you” she stood up sluggishly and slowly walked to his cell, Mo one needs to know who she came for.

As she walked past the counter; one of the men who chooma spoke with earlier called her back..” mama joy, am sorry to interrupt in your personal matter but I feel you are doing the wrong thing, at least for the sake of your child that lives with you… if you keep protecting him because of his threats and bullying, one day he will kill joy also”

Joy mother understood all he was saying but she just stared at him for some time and kept walking, the police man shook his head in pity and went about his work, the woman who had come to make a complaint also shook her head and whispered to the police man, “aaaaaaaa!

You better stop trying to bring her back to her senses, this woman has been charmed by that man, I don’t know what she sees in him, that ugly and wicked thing…. well what can greed not do, I feel she is the cause of all these problem right from time … and ehneree ….” the police man didn’t let her complete her gossip statement he shunned her and shouted at her to face her business, insulting her that her son who stole money was the one that brought her and instead of her to face her own problem she is busy chatting about
someone else’s problem.

At The sight of joy’s mother, papa joy grinned wickedly and whispered scornfully to his new prison friend who also opened his black teeth to smile, “ my friend you are a very smart man and am proud of you” , he told joy father who was grinning from ear to ear

A police man was coming with his wife and a key to unlock his handcuff, when she got to his front she didn’t get close to him she just stood outside there with her face tight and filled with regret, the
police man who came to unlock him also looked so unhappy like his mother just died but he had to obey the order from above, his wife who had the charges has refused to place any, insisting that he is not guilty and why she keeps doing that no one understands fully except for rumors that do not make up or make sense.

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