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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 15



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad)

They hit back to the hospital in the early evening, joy was awake but was still lying down, Agnes and her mother was there but joy mother was nowhere to be seen, as chioma rushed in joy tried to smile but couldn’t because of the pain she was feeling all over her face, chioma wanted to hug her tightly also but couldn’t, Agnes was crying silently and her mother was trying to console her they all didn’t like the state their lively and lovely friend is in, she was in so much pain.

“I will be back chioma told them” she gave joys food to Agnes mother and pleaded that she help feed her” … “ where are you going “ Agnes asked the question chioma was dreading as she didn’t want anyone to know, she wanted to go after joy’s mother as she knows where she was, seeing joy in this state aroused her anger once again and she wouldn’t take any impartiality anymore not even from joy’s mother, it’s high time the sinner gets punished, the poor girl can’t even speak due to the fear of the pain she will feel if she tries to open her mouth and her mother still had the guts to leave her side… “ shameless woman!” Chioma almost shouted, her voice was audible enough for everyone to hear.

Agnes mother already knew what was happening, joy and Agnes looked at her with confusion clotted in their eyes, especially joy; she heard some of the conversations chioma heard with her mother as their noise woke her up but she pretended as if she was sleeping

As she wanted to hear what they were shouting and getting angry over, chioma had always been like a little mother to her and everyone knows that she doesn’t joke at all with joys welfare and well being, some say the love is too much for just friends, although joy has always notice style thick black blood between chioma and her own mother but she had always pushed it off, they were the two melody important people in her life and they always seem to not like tinned around each other.

She forced her self to stay awake due to all the sleeping and pain relief injection she was given but still she wasn’t able to make any sense outout of what they were saying. Maybe it was the injection or maybe they were talking in parables but she didn’t get anything reasonable at all, not chioma’s statement was definitely for her mother…she wanted to ask why she called and disrespected her mother that way but she couldn’t because she couldn’t talk not with themapin she will feel if she even tried to move her neck let alone open her mouth.

But why her father would go to this length to hit her is why kept baffling her and causing her sadness, no father will wish his daughter death no matter how bad he or she is, her own type of father is just weird. She saw as Agnes mother and chioma left the room but she couldn’t stay awake for much as she was feeling sleepy again, she noticed that Agnes was trying to feed her and she her mouth was moving but she couldn’t make any sense out of it also, the pull the sleep was so overwhelming.


“ chiomaaasa I know you are angry but first consider that Girls health, don’t cause any issues now” Agnes mother pleaded as they stood outside the hospital under a tree,chioma clapped her hands together in awe and anger …” mama Agnes, she has gone to That man again, ohooo she wants to go and testify for him to be bailed out abi… I will
personally kill her myself is she tries any rubbish” chioma fumed, a nurse who passed by stopped and looked at them In confusion at the mention aid the word kill, chioma eyed her and hissed before the nurse kept walking.

Every one in the village knew chioma to be sassy and blunt, the total opposite of joy, she will take nonsense from nobody, the nurse felt she is up to one of her random fight again and continued her journey to the hospital, not after pleading to her to reduce her voice because of the patient sleeping inside the hospital, mama Agnes smiled apologetically at the nurse.

Chioma hissed and didn’t answer, immediately the nurse was out of ear shot, chioma started shouting again….” mama Agnes I know wha am saying and you cannot understand enough, all these whole issue is causing the children pain, I know she is also in a tight corner but if she strats spekaing up With time she will also be over it and will have peace of mind …. all these covering up will only lead us to our grave.

The man knows it and is using it against her all the time he maltreat then” chioma told the woman standing opposite her, she didn’t wait for her response she made to start going but the woman held her back… “ bike chioma … give her more time, she begged me to beg you, let joy health get better… eheim just few days” the woman pleaded with her hands and eyes; “ oooooooo you people should leave me alone ooo, ahaaa I can’t opine my hands and allow that girl token getting battered and shattered, after all I don’t have a mother, well that’s how it looks like… and am leaning well, if she can’t talk I will take joy away, she can have her dear husband” and with those words she removed mama Agnes hand from her shoulder and stalked out of her sight hurriedly.

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