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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 14



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad)

Joy was fast asleep; a great relief for chioma, she sent Johnny home to get something for her in order to divert his attention from their discussion. Immediately the boy left she closed the hospital door and stood by it staring at joy’s mother, she looks like she had been crying and hadn’t gotten any sleep, this time she won’t feel any pity for her again

With this same look she had robbed her of too many things including a mothers love, as if joy mother knew what chioma is young to do, she stood up and excused her self saying she wants to visit the toilet, but chioma will not hear of it, she blocked her path and asked her to sit down back which joy mother obediently did as she knows how stubborn chioma can be.

It’s two options” ; chioma said as she cleared her throat and continued … “ you will give joy custody to me and you will sign it and keep your mouth shut like you want to, or you will follow me to the police station and spit out everything you know about this matter!” She concluded and glared at the woman as she waited for her reply, joy mother sighed deeply and looked back at joy battered body in the bed, the poor girl look so shattered and sad even
as she sleep, but she can’t leave her… no she can’t lose her, she won’t lose this one too; she didn’t know she said it out loud, not until chioma came to stand directly at her front.

The hatred chioma has for joy’s mother was very visible, the woman could in fact feel it like air around her, “ chioma ehn why do you hate me so much, please let’s keep joy out of this, she is the reason we are all happy…. why not leave the past alone” the woman told China who was still advancing towards her, “ oooooo I should forget it right! ….. well I tried, infact I pretended like nothing happened, all for my fathers sake and not for you! And for joy sake of course like you said the second time it happened, but not this time ..

Nooooooo, you better choose one of the options and let’s know what path we will are now” chioma concluded and stormed out leaving the confused woman in the room, chioma left the room because she was about to cry as she ran to one of the toilet in the hospital to cry out her pain, she kept thinking of joys mother is in support of everything that is happening, the woman is just too greedy, although she is not violent like her husband but she is greedy, always wanting to eat her cake and have it, “ no I won’t take it this time” chioma mutters Under her breath as she washed her face and looked at her tired and angry looking reflection in the mirror.


Her fair face was red and rough looking, she realized that she was hungry, meaning Johnny would also be hungry, she cleaned her face with the top of her blouse and waited for her emotions to get back to normal as she won’t want to be seen crying; after few minute she left for her house to prepare food for her self and little brother, she is the poor boy mother now so she has no option but to also protect and take care of him and that she will do well unlike some people, she thought to herself as she walked up still feeling angry and sad.

Johnny met her by the door, he was about to leave the house for the hospital, the boy was looking so tired and spent. She remembered that she sent him home to get her something which was not necessary because she knew she would be having a tense discussion with joys mother and she didn’t want him to see or hear, she hugged him and took him by the hand forcing him to sleep as she rushed to make laugh for them as it was already afternoon,
she sensed that the boy was happy and relief to be given food, the whole incident had also take ln a toll on him, he staggered to his little bed and slept off, after good was ready they ate and both took their bath as they prepare to go back to the hospital with joys food properly packed.

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