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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 13



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad)

Joy father slept off on the chair in his parlour, everyone had left when joy was taken to the hospital, “ now I can get some sleep” he thought to himself, the loud knock on his weak wooden door jeered him up, he knew it was not his wife because she won’t come home until joy is stable and recovering, at least better than her present condition, he peeped from the window and saw chioma frowning at him.

He got very angry immediately… “ How can she come back alone, isn’t she scared of her life, now if I kill this one, everyone will say am a killer!” He muttered angrily to himself angrily as he walked towards the door to open it. But to his astonishment immediately he opened the door he was faced with three policemen who didn’t even wait for him to say anything, as if they had been waiting to arrest him they dragged him out and handcuffed him, chioma pointed at him and told the policemen that the culprit… the one who battered the girls body and that was how he was carried away to the police station.

He has been here before and the few weeks he spent before his wife came to bail him out was not funny or rosy at all, that day he had swore that he would never return there again, the angry looking police shoved him inside the prison cell.. “ I tell you dey you go come back”, the man leered at him scornfully, joy father glared at him but kept quiet, he sensed that the man didn’t like him and he didn’t want to stay there for long like the last time he came.

So he kept quiet and allowed the man shove him around, he is wise enough to know that this is the time to keep quiet, chioma was shaking visibly as she stood at the counter, she seems to be telling the two policemen on duty somethings, she was gesturing seriously and talking hushly so as not to be heard by him .

At that moment joys father felt like strangling her, “ I really regret my actions the last time!” He muttered to
Himself, the police man who was busy cuffing him shouted at him to keep quiet . Chioma was reporting the whole case and scene to the police men, she was giving her statement, “that man should not be allowed in the midst of people, he is a killer…. he has gone mad and he is after my family” she was telling the police men, they felt her pain and understood all of her explanations but they were asking for more proof to support all she had told them nowand then…

“ chioma am sure everyone knows what this man has done, even the DPO and our king, but no one will apprehend him because there is no any form of prove, you are the only one coming out to report him everytime, infact his wife will not say anything, we went to The hospital to get her statement but she was just crying, if she continues to keep mute am afraid this man will be out of this place tonight” the shorter police man explained to the
fuming girl as he dropped his pen

His face was filled with pity for the girl, she had been coming to give reports and has been the only witness to all the cases, even the wife involved had not showed her self t all …” it’s either you go and talk to that woman to open up and stop protecting him or you take your little brother and stay far away from him” the taller police
man added and squeezed her hand in a gesture of consoling her .

Chioma walked back to the hospital with her shoulder down, her thought were muddy, she kept walking sadly back to the hospital, after everything that had happened everyone has left for their various houses promising to Check back in joy but chioma and her brother stayed with them all through, it had always been like that and everyone in the village knows how much chioma love joy.

As she got closer to the hospital a look of set determination engulfed her, she will not let the woman go scot free, she won’t let them hurt chioma like they did to her, she opened the hospital door and walked straight to joys dormitory where her mother is.

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