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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 12



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad)

Ten minute after trying to wake joy up to no avail, chioma was visibly shaking now she tried to move closer but the women would not allow her, John was crying, Agnes was by now looking dumb, most of the women present were throwing papa joy laser looks but he want even looking at them, he sat there and was smoking his pipe.

The room was filled with smoke and people were coughing but they still refused to leave because they wanted to see what would end the whole matter, some set of women were holding joy mother and preventing her from going to her husband, Agnes mother was part of them, “ohooo somyou want to go and recieve your own death from him too abi” one of the women holding her back probed angrily, the anger was directed to the man but it showed in her question to mama joy.

“ let him kill me too!” That was all mama joy was chanting, the poor woman had fainted almost four times
now, she was gazing at her still daughter and was about to slump again, the women noticed and quickly poured another bucket of water to revive her before she faint again, the women working on joy were by now filled with worry and sweating profusely, chioma hugged her little brother whose eyes has swollen due to all the tears, she tried to stop him from crying but found out her eyes were misty too … it was taking long for joy to wake up, she couldn’t
act cool any longer.

Suddenly there was another commotion, it was chioma she had jumped on joy father and was throwing him punches, chioma has a masculine physic and is also very fair and beautiful like joy but she was known for her no nonsense attitude, she was attending a boxing class about a year ago due to her fondness for it but because she didn’t like what it was doing to her body shape she had to stop.

The few men who had been looking since the beginning of the whole ordeal rushed to seperate them but chioma wouldn’t have it as she had gone mad, she threw several punches targeting hue eyes and nose because he had a big body build and other body part might not affect home well

Joys father was very surprise the girl was too strong he couldn’t put her off, he even tried hitting her she seems to be angry with him for many things. Suddenly joy sneezed loudly, everyone cheered and shouted, chioma left her father and rushed to her side, Agnes was also at her side with most of her class mate, just then the hospital small bus arrived.

Joy could not see clearly and she was in a lot of pain. Her groans were loud and her eyes were not cooperating with her, she feared that she would not see clearly again as she started crying, the women couldn’t move her because she was bruised badly and some of her skin had peeled

After much trail and medical procedure she was lifted from her bed to the hospital stretcher and rushed to the hospital as she was loosing blood. Agnes, chioma, joys mother and about seven more people followed them to the

More people even followed by foot because of the love they have for joy, she is known to be very vibrant and happy, always smiling and greeting everyone, respectful with good characters and many of the villagers love her aside her father and mother issues.

It was already past 4 in the morning, joys father was getting scared when joy fainted and refused to wake up, although he had intentionally poured the hot water but he didn’t mean to kill her, he just wanted to spoil and destroy her beauty, he felt her beauty and fairness was getting to her head, and that’s why she keeps shouting that she want to be a model, dancer and singer.

He felt all of her dreams were attached to her beauty so he planned to destroy it, her mother beauty had caused so many havoc in his life time and he had done the unthinkable therefore he won’t let another young man or himself go through the crises again, all these thoughts were according to him so therefore he went through with his plan that
night, although he has been planning it for a while now but when he realized that joy would never give up her dreams until he break her like he did to her mother he concluded on his wicked plan last night .

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