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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 11



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad)

The loud scream woke Joy’s mother from her deep sleep, she was very tired and that caused her to fall asleep almost immediately she hit wrapper made bed in the small parlour, in fact she was not able to pet joy to sleep as usual . Immediately she sensed that her husband had gone to sleep she had felt relief and advised that they both go to bed also, it was one special night because everyone went to bed without much drama .

This was unusual and joy’s mother told her daughter about her feeling uncomfortable about it but joy had laughed at her and mocked her that she worries a lot so therefore they had gone to bed, when joy left for her room; joy mother decided to stay awake a little bit just Incase but she didn’t know when she fell asleep, at the sound of her daughter screaming she jumped up in one motion and ran out of the parlour for her room, she was almost in the there when she noticed that she was naked

She quickly rushed to pick up her wrapper and rushed back with her heart in her throat, the scream was getting louder and scarier as she got closer to her daughter, she hit her leg unconsciously on a stool just beside the corridor to her daughter’s room, although the pain was unbearable which made her double up in pain but she couldn’t
dwell much on that . She quickly ignored it and continued her race to her daughters room and at last she finally got there but the sight she was met with made her slumber, she fell on the floor in shock .

The scream that was coming out of papa joy house was too loud and unbearable, people had gathered outside the house and were eager to see what had happened this time since everyday was drama and film galore but today noise was different, everyone knew that joy was stubborn and she would not keep screaming like that if it was not unbearable.

For the first time in joys mother life, she jumped on her husband and bit him hard on his chin, he was caught unaware as he was not expecting that type of reaction, after gaining his composure he pushed her away roughly causing her to hit her head on the wall, she groaned loudly and quickly jumped up again.

She quickly scurried to where her daughter was lying unmovable on the bed soaked in hot water…. “are you a father at all!, are yooooou! … you are a bastard, you won’t suffer in your plan… you want to kill my daughter” joy’s mother was screaming at the top of her voice, some people had forced the door open and were trying to revive joy back to life, she had fainted due to the pain and shock of the hot water, her father had poured a full bucket of water on her while she was asleep and she had screamed from her sleep, after the whole pain and discomfort she had fainted .

Agnes and chioma heard about what was happening in their friend house and they had quickly rushed there, it was past one in the midnight and half of the villagers were in papa Joy’s compound, some women were crying and holding joy’s mother while some were just shaking their head in pity, although some came to gloat and mock the woman while some came to do amebo.

No one dared to challenge joy’s father about what happened, he was feared plus the runout spreading wildly about him, most people even got scarier to stand close to him let alone challenge him.

The women who were trying to revive joy were already getting tired. The girl was not moving at all and her breath was very shallow, almost like she wasn’t breathing at all. Joy’s mother at this point became hysterical, she lunged at her husband and started asking him to kill her too.

Agnes was by now crying, chioma on her own was speechless and was just staring at joy with no hint of feelings or anything to show what she was feeling at that moment .

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