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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 10



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad)

Joy saw her mother coming from afar and was surprised as she was expecting her father with his cane but she saw her mother with her smile, at first she was worried because her mother never came out in search of her and that is because she already knows where she would be.

“ I thought you said you will give up this dreams of yours” her mouth said to her just as she got close enough to be heard, joy grinned and hugged her mother, the other girls greeted her also and continued with their rehearsal…. “ mama you will have to give me one last chance, do you remember that competition we have been trying to reach out for…. the one I told you will be extending to Lagos and many big people there, ehen finally we have been able to secure a slot, they have decided to try us out just once to see our steps and move and I don’t want to be exempted from it” she concluded and poured .

Her mother knew at this point she had to confuse joy to at least follow her home then they can discuss about the competition later, she told her daughter to make sure her father doesn’t hear of it and also persuaded her to go home with her so as to get home before her father wake up, joy agreed easily with her mother as she hardly say no to her and that was how the two went home smiling and hosting with each other as the walked .

Unknown to them that doom was looming, the first sign of doom was when the gate refuse to bulge, they wanted to sneak in but they noticed that the gate has been locked … “ eheee he’s awake!” Mama joy whispered to her daughter, her eyes suredenly became wide withfear, joy doesn’t like seeing her mother like this,she got angry … “me I don’t like all these ooo, ahaaaa will he kill us, he will shout at you and flog me to sleep… and so what’s new … don’t worry I won’t let him touch you this night, after all he knows your health is not really good now… with that joy took the bold step and hit the old gate with a stone .

Who’s there ! Came the loud and fierce voice that joys mother freed the most, “ it’s me papa, joy answered with courage, the. She heard the sound of feet and finally the gate gave way, she greeted her father and walked in quickly with her mother right behind her, the two walked straight into the kitchen and started with the dinner, they knew his silence was deadly and so they didn’t want to stay close to where he was … after about fourth minute he finally
shouted from the parlour … “ is the food not ready yet… am hungry oooo, after all you have started teaching your daughter prostitution like you!”…

Joy mother froze at his words while joy was boiling for anger she stood up to confront her father but her mother dragged her back…. “ mama let me go and ask him what he meant by that… how will he call you prostitue, chai this man… how did you end up with a beast like him” joy was too angry to lower her voice so her heard, he burst into laughter and started singing a sorrowful song, the message of the song was that the heavens should be ready to  recieve a visitor .

Joy mother didn’t like the song at all, she gushed her daughter and begged her to stop talking .. “ you already know he cannot be reasoned with, I don’t know what has come over him this past years… it’s better we just ignore him” … joy didn’t want to disobey her mother so she agreed and stopped filming,her mother worried eyes and shaky voice was enough to set her anger backward, they continued with dinner and served him, he still kept on singing loudly after the meal.

He even stood up at some point and started dancing , Mother and daughter kept hurdling together like twins, none was ready to leave the other out of fear and protection, joy mother knew the man she married and she knew he was up to something.

To her confirmation he went into his room without a word, that was so unusual, after some minute she whispered to her daughters eye… joy smiled and called her mother offoff saying she likes to worry a lot, “ now the beast is quiet and  you are worried, if he roars and scatter everywhere you will also be worried, for once mama rest your heart! …

I fear for your health ooo, please ehn don’t leave me alone in this cold world” and with that she shut her mothers opinion out. The opinion was that they should go and sleep in mama Agnes place tonight and they will lie to him that they went for a vigil or something but joy felt it was unnecessary, she felt if he was angry about her going back to her dance rehearsal and about her mother going out of the house without having any appointments, he would have made a lot of noise about it but he was quiet meaning that he doesn’t want to take it up this night .

But she was wrong, oh very wrong…. infact right from when he licked the gate he had taken it up and this time, it is more than the normal level, but unknown to them they went their deprecate ways to sleep .

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