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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 1



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode

As usual joy sneaked out of the old and rusty and dirty gate that evening,as she opened the gate it made it’s annoying noise and almost gave her away,at the sound of the gate she stopped in her tracks with her heart in her mouth,immediately a cold sweat broke out on her forehead and she started shaking uncontrollably,fearing for the worst but she didn’t hear his voice.

Few minute pass by and joy heard no sound or shout from the compound she just fled from,it was then she realized that she had been holding her breathe . She quickly continued her journey to her destination,moving swiftly and quickly in order to meet up with time because she was already thirty minute late due too all her planning and delay by her dad,as she walked briskly to her meeting place.

The determined look in her eye didn’t shift for once,same as the wide smile on her face as she greeted everyone on her path,everyone loved joy for her respectfulness and friendliness .

Joy live with her parent in a small village where farming and fishing is the main occupation for the men,trading,sewing and weaving for the women.

Although joy mother is an illiterate her father had his basic education I.e his primary education and because of that he is one of the most respected and sorted for in the village,the king and chiefs always consult him for advice and plans on how to manage the village,hence joy father felt he knew everything.

He would not listen to others and he always wants to be listened to,right from time people succumb to his every rules and words including the king and that is why he feel that way.

Education in joy village is only for the very rich and not just rich, infact some rich would prefer to give a farm land or shops to their children to start their own business when they are of age but joy father wouldn’t take that,he wanted his only child JOY to be a medical doctor,but joy doesn’t want it,infact she doesn’t like school and for this reason and well, more.

Joy and her father doesnt see eye to eye, “I didn’t go to school!,so therefore you must go,just take a look at me!! The king worships me and will not take any decision until am present and that’s because of my basic education alone,now imagine if you went to secondary and university… ohooo you would be the queen of this village”…. but joy doesn’t want to be the village queen or literate she just want to follow her dreams and passion,infact she had her own plans and that doesn’t include staying in the village long enough to be the queen of books and education or kings adviser.


Whenever her father sing praises of how she would go and study in Lagos and come back to be the village doctor then build hospital to treat the villagers joy would just stare at her feet and keep her mind busy inorder not to feel irritated by her dads annoying tales and Plans.

She was shooked out of her thought by a tap on her forehead .. “boom!” She heard the familiar tiny voice. To the owner of the voice she had just screamed and tried to scare joy but to joy all she heard was a baby trying to scream,she smiled widely and hugged the assiliant.

“You are a big fool,when will you give up this fake shouts of yours,have told yout hat your voice is not thick ooo and screaming doesn’t fit you,just imagine how you sounded now “ joy told the other lady admit laughter,the other lady pouted and shoved joy playfully to the other side of the road before she replied, “joy ! Joy ! ,how many times did I call you” ,she waited for joy to respond but joy was busy dancing as they started walking together to their destination,”you won’t answer me abi?”.

The other girl lamented and hit joy playfully on the back of her neck,joy screwed and ran faster away from her still laughing hysterically.

Agnes has been friends with joy since childhood,although Agnes and her mother moved into the village when she was still a baby,but they were Warmly received and since then they have been regarded and treated as one of their people.

Agnes has no father as her father died fighting a war in their former village and due to the war and unsettlement joy mother carried Agnes who was still a month old out of their old village and went on her way to seek for help and a greener pastures and that was how she was welcomed with joy and acceptance.

Since primary school joy and Agnes has been best of friends and they know almost everything about each other,joy was the first person to smile and play with Agnes as other saw her as a villager and since then Agnes had stucked yo her.

The two girl walked briskly hands to hands to their meeting point with a wild smile on their face as if they were going to get a price.

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