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Sounds Of The Spirit By Mr Wealth And Team Rem



Sounds Of The Spirit By Mr Wealth And Team Rem

Mr Wealth Priceless is a Port Harcourt-based artist, he is one of the fast Rising worship leaders in Africa.

He is a singer, author, vocal coach and teacher.

Him And His Team Is Out With Another Soul Lifting Song Titled “ SOUNDS OF THE SPIRIT ”

Mr Wealth Writes;


Long read, but you sure don’t want to miss this.
Sounds of the Spirit drops tomorrow by 7am.

Before then, let me share an encounter with you that brought me into the Realm of SOUNDS AND CHANTS.

In hopes that someone will receive such encounter too and even more.

I believe that the Grace to chant and sing in the spirit is one of the recent updates in the music ministry by heaven.

Though many criticize it and some chant in the flesh but nonetheless it’s a genuine move.

I have always known about singing in the spirit and I did it at intervals, but I really haven’t encountered the spirit behind it.

Until in 2018 while we were preparing for PROJECT BETHEL “THE JESUS STORY”.

I was waiting on the Lord in a retreat.

It was on the last day of the retreat that I had a major encounter in what looked like a dream.

I had stretched in prayers and knocked off into sleep by God’s presence.

I saw as it were in that dream beings with garments of fire, some with airy garments and many others I can’t begin to describe.

But they were not singing and speaking in a language I understand, even though their sound was so pleasing to the whole of my being and highly unresistable.

I stayed there enjoying the sounds they were making, somehow in that vision I joined them and began to make the sounds.

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I woke up making that sounds,
It was 5pm in the evening.

The influence was strong on me my tongues could not stop the outflow of the sound, I dressed up for a prayer meeting holding with select few persons by 6 that same evening.

When I arrived,
I discovered talking to people in a language they understand was nearly impossible, I just closed my eyes and began to sing in the spirit,
Without saying anything to them.

No instruments, no music, I was just making sounds and chanting as the spirit inspired utterance.

By the time I realized myself,
I checked my time and I have been chanting and singing in the spirit for 3hours.

Everyone in the meeting were already slain and vibrating under God’s power.

I have never seen such in my life.
No music, no instruments, just making uncertain and strange sounds as the spirit inspired utterance.

Yet such atmosphere?
2 weeks later Project bethel came “THE JESUS STORY”
We began ministering to the people and somehow that realm called out to my soul again and I began to chant and sing in the spirit.

This time it came with a special dance step.
Oh! I can’t describe how it feels 😭.

You will not want to come out once you enter that Joyous zone of the spirit. Kai!

A Team member noticed that the moment I start singing and chanting the atmosphere becomes so electrified and encounters increase it’s as though I shouldnt stop.

But when I stop it’s as though voltage gets low when I start again, it increases so tangibly.

Part of the effect I noticed it always leaves me with is the spirit of faith that enables me move in the Supernatural, it also opens my prophetic eyes to see sharply and clearly.

It’s not everytime that spirit comes on me, many times if it does come on me in a meeting I could chant for minutes and hours.

But somehow I grew to learn what sounds invites that spirit on me and how to control it.
Since that encounter,
Regardless my profound skill in song writing, I have always enjoyed receiving sounds in the spirit, visions, dreams etc.

That was how Holy, My Beloved, Darling, Sold out, Sounds of the spirit, fire chant and many other yet to be released sound was born.

Since then, no week passes without me getting at least 2 to 4 songs from the spirit. I mean no exaggeration. It is exactly as I have said it.

I haven’t shared this with you to set my experience as a standard. Or to intimidate you.

I believe that encountering God’s tangible presence is the right of every believer.

Your own encounter may not come as mine, but surely as you listen to this sound and wait on the Lord with it in prayers, you will surely have encounters in the area of your own calling.

To this purpose the spirit has moved upon my heart to gift you with this sound.


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