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Social Media’s Punctilio



Social Media's Punctilio

Social Media’s Punctilio — It is no longer news that social media is one of the easiest and fastest ways of connecting with people and establishing relationships.

A good number of persons have met their life partners, gotten employment opportunities, re-connected with old time friends, started high-paying businesses just by showing up consistently on social media.

To many social media is a hub to grow their influence and they have been able to achieve that over-time, that’s why we hear the phrase “Social media influencer”.

Truthfully, social media has helped many. But, on the other hand, there are some that have not been able to benefit from the positive impacts of being on any social media platform.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have their etiquettes, and when followed properly would yield positive results.

I do not believe that any social media platform is a waste, they all can yield good results, if we desire and make the right decisions towards them.

Facebook is one fast growing social media platform with lots of potentials and you can grow your influence( business/career) or be able to reach out to other influencers through the following tips I’ll be sharing with you.

1. It is very important that you create an account with your name, the name on your birth certificate preferably. You shouldn’t be known as “John” in real life, and on social media you are being referred to as “wizzy”.

Your name has a big role to play in showing your authenticity. Be authentic and Intentional about your social media account by using your real name because social media for some companies is the new CV (Curriculum vitae).

2. Your social media account is an individual account, so your profile picture should show your face alone and not a family picture, quote or the picture of a place.

Research has shown that people connect more on social media with people they can relate with facially.

If possible, get a good head-shot picture and use it as your profile picture.

3. Be You. Do not present yourself to be what you’re not.

Facebook has what we call “Bio”. It’s a space to talk about who you are and what you do. Do not lie about it.

A typical bio should read.
I am a Christian, a mechanical engineer, a writer, a graphics designer, etc.

It’s a space to tell the world what you do and represent, do not say less or more about yourself. Just be You!

4. One way of making people know you, what you stand for, what you represent, and why you do it is by showing up consistently.

For example, if there’s a lady that passes by your house with her wares of goods and she doesn’t say anything about what she sells, you may not be interested in purchasing her goods.

But the one that passes by your house and shouts “Buy your akara (bean cake)” would gain more of your attention because she showed up by saying what she sells.

Social media platforms are one of the ways we can sell our skills and businesses effortlessly.

We can do it by showing up consistently. Consistently talk about what you sell, show proofs of your business or talents. Put it in the face of others on a daily basis and you’ll attract the right clients.

5. Last but not the least, guard your space. It is possible to be tagged in a lot of unnecessary posts by friends on Facebook.

To avoid the issue of being tagged unnecessarily thereby making your timeline to look haphazard, you can go ahead to your timeline settings and change it to your desired outcome.

Undoubtedly, Facebook and other social media accounts are important to our existence and profitability in this digital age.

Applied wisdom in handling our accounts as we network and connect will bring us nothing but joy as we grow our influence and outreach to people around us in the world.


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