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Nnamdi Kanu – Stock Up Tomatoes and Onions, Revolution Underway



IPOB To Igbo Leaders : Your Support For Our Agitation Is Irrelevant

Nnamdi Kanu Leader of IPOB, Indigenous People of Biafra has advised Nigerians to stock up Tomatoes and Onions ahead of the Revolution Underway.

The Biafra leader, Nnamdi Kanu had earlier revealed that the next protest will be more of Militant.

Nnamdi Kanu in series of press releases said:

Let it be on record, especially for those who always feign ignorance of the fact only to later start spewing their usual trash about IPOB, that your Little Hitler Wike is still prosecuting his Fulani inspired campaign of extermination of indigenous Igbo populations in #Obigbo. This crime against humanity is still ongoing in full view of the world.

Over the weekend the shamelessly hopeless bunch of irredeemable slaves led by Dave Umahi and Nnia Nwodo- to all intents and purposes openly endorsed the killing of their fellow Igbo people of #Obigbo.

I am yet to hear any condemnation of this abominable stance from any quarters. #Zoo media houses have refused to visit #Obigbo to conduct their own investigations but instead are busy writing pro-regime sponsored articles in praise of the mass murderer Wike.

Not content with what they are doing in #Obigbo, the same Igbo governors and Ohaneze have now instigated Tinubu and his gang in Lagos to attack and kill Igbo businessmen in Ladipo Lagos. (See the video below)

FASTNEWS ALSO POSTED: Nnamdi Kanu Warns Wike, Nigerian Army Over Arrest Of IPOB Members In Oyigbo

Every sponsored e-rat, Efulefu, misguided one Nigerianist, newspaper columnist, editor, ambitious politician, diplomat, army spokesman, police PRO, social media commentator, pastor, Iman and traditional ruler have all gone quiet. I bet they won’t be this quiet when we finally respond, which we MUST in the coming weeks.


We keep records of every atrocity against Biafrans and at the appointed time those of you supporting the campaign of extermination of Biafrans will yap and gossip all you like but it won’t stop nor deter us.

Frankly speaking I feel sorry for the British manufactured #ZoologicalRepublic. If they thought #EndSarsProtests was tough, then I pray they don’t witness what is coming because youths across Nigeria have decided to take their collective destiny into their own hands. No politician will escape the coming judgement.

I will advice people to stock up on tomatoes and onions because there will be scarcity of these commodities once the revolution gets underway because mentally retarded Janjaweed will seek to undermine the will of the people through cheap blackmail.

Separation comes with quantum benefits. Soviet Union, Ethiopia, Czechoslovakia, etc suffered when they were held in UNITY BY FORCE.

But now that they’re separated, the new nations prospered more than the old. #Nigeria needs to learn that separation can be beneficial to ALL.

Only if black people can reason.

Right up until this evening and despite their well publicised murderous spree, rape, ethnic cleansing and genocide in the Middle Belt and across the South, no single State Governor in the North or anywhere else in Nigeria has come out to proscribe Miyetti Allah, Fulani Bandits, Fulani Herdsmen, Hisbah Police or Ansaru as terrorists. Now you know how STUPID people from the South are.

In Ebonyi, Rivers and Enugu states ravaged for years by Miyetti Allah terrorist group under their franchise Fulani herdsmen- just Google it if in doubt, these unconscionable and cowardly Rent Boys in governors’ lodges across the East didn’t have the guts to even question the local Miyetti Allah leader but they are the governors proscribing IPOB, the only movement in the history of Nigeria that successfully drove away Miyetti Allah terrorists from a state(Ebonyi), the only group of people that have stood in defence of the all oppressed peoples in Nigeria.

These spineless weasels and their handful of fans think Fulani political cover will protect them forever. How foolish they are. They MUST know that JUDGEMENT DAY is coming. There will be no mercy!


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