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Intimacy In A Buffet Episode 6



Intimacy In A Buffet

Throughout that weekend, it was like everything kept pointing to me being in love with Dapo.

Saturday went in a blur of activities. My family attended a wedding ceremony of the daughter of one of my dad’s colleagues at work. The wedding was very sweet and romantic but it just made me think of Dapo. I kept catching myself in the day-dream of us both getting married. In my mind, I was the bride and Dapo the groom. I went home very confused.

Sunday dawned bright and early and I was eager to get to church and cast all my burdens on God. I wanted to pray for the cleansing of my heart from all thoughts of Dapo, and ask instead for thoughts on how to move my career forward but it was as if God had different plans. I sat patiently through the message and stood up eagerly at the close of the sermon, I knew prayers were next.

The pastor made the altar call and still I waited patiently as people answered the call and he went through the basics. Finally, it was time to ask for what we want and I eagerly launched into my carefully crafted and thought out prayer points.

Before long, another voice began to intrude into my concentration. I tried to tune out the voice but try as I did, it just kept intruding. Then, against my better judgment, I started listening. The sister beside me was fervently praying for a husband, and here I am trying to bargain with God to take away the feelings I have for a guy. I felt God was trying to tell me something.

The lady kept praying and I couldn’t concentrate on my prayers anymore. I didn’t know when I spoke to her. “Sister,” I said. “Would you like to have Dapo? I don’t need him now.”

“What?” she turned to me with a look of total surprise on her face.

“I said, would you like to have Dapo? I have no use for him. Besides he’s a Yoruba guy.”

“What in the world? Who the hell is Dapo?” she asked, wide-eyed.

“Shh shh, don’t curse. We are in God’s presence, hallowed ground, you know?”

“Well? Why did you interrupt my prayers? Are you alright?”

“I can assure you I am perfectly fine. Never mind.” I resolutely turned back to my prayers. By then, the pastor was already calling a close to prayers so it was of no use. I was not impressed with God’s sense of humor though.

Needless to say, that sister avoided me like the plague after that incident but I couldn’t care less. As far as I was concerned, God didn’t answer my prayers because as soon as I left the church, the feelings I had for Dapo came rushing back like a tidal wave. So much for prayers.

Although I couldn’t wait to go back to work on Monday, in a way I also dreaded it. I was not eager to confirm if my feelings were true or not and I was not anxious to act the fool to Dapo once more.

I only hoped I would be able to rein in my feelings and not televise it on my face for the whole world to see. Since I could only wait to see what tomorrow would bring, there was no use worrying myself to death. I tightened my resolve and I set about reluctantly preparing for the new week. Just as I was about to iron my clothes for Monday, my phone rang. It was a strange number and I frowned as I picked the call.

“Hello.” I said tentatively into the mouthpiece.

“Hello.” A sexy masculine voice replied.

My frown grew deeper. It was not a voice I recognized and I hadn’t given anyone my number recently. Who could it be? I thought as I racked my brain, trying to figure it out.

“Who is this?” I finally asked as the person on the other end refused to introduce himself and since I rather liked the sound of his voice, I wanted him to keep talking.

“Hi Leona, its Dapo.”

As I heard his name, goose pimples appeared all over my body and I shivered involuntarily. Figures. I rolled my eyes. He was the only one that could elicit this kind of reaction from me.

“What’s up Dapo?” I tried to sound carefree although I was anything but.

“Nothing much. How was your weekend?”

“Weekend was great.” Although you spoilt it for me. I added silently. Then I remembered I never gave him my number. How did he get it?

“Wait, how did you get my number?” I asked

“Oh Sunmola gave it to me. Sorry about that, I just needed a way to reach you.”

Such a gentleman, he actually apologized. I was starting to see there was more to Dapo than met the eye.

“Hope there’s no problem?”

“Not at all. I just had to hear your voice. And we never exchanged numbers which was an oversight on my part.”

His quiet admission floored me. My breathing hitched. He had to hear my voice? Whoa, what does that even mean?

“Why?” I decided to get more out of him.

“I don’t know. I just had an overwhelming desire to see you and since it’s late, I decided to do the next best thing, call you.”

Was he trying to tell me something? “Really?” I asked, breathless

“Yes, really. I find myself thinking a lot about you since we had that drink.”

I think about you too. I thought but I didn’t voice it. I remained silent.

I heard him sigh. “I’m sorry for calling this late, Leona.” My name sounded like a caress on his lips.

“It was no disturbance. I’m glad you called.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?”

“Sure.” I reluctantly replied. I didn’t want him to hang up.

“Cool. Good night then.”

“Good night.” I said softly.

He didn’t hang up immediately. I could hear the sound of his breath in my ears. I pressed the phone closer to better hear it. That sound alone was doing strange things to my heart. A few seconds later, he hung up. I flop onto my bed, the clothes on the ironing board forgotten.

What a cryptic call. His call did nothing to assuage my confusion. If anything, I was more confused than I was before he called. Was he trying to tell me something? Did he have feelings for me?

All these thoughts ran through my head till I drifted off to a restless sleep full of dreams about Dapo.

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