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Grammys Awards: Governor Nyesom Wike Under Attack For Giving Burna Boy Land, Money, N10 Million To Others



Grammys Awards: Governor Nyesom Wike Under Attack For Giving Burna Boy Land, Money, N10 Million To Others

The Rivers State Governor, Governor Nyesom Wike has come under attack for giving a plot of land and cash to Burna Boy as an appreciation for winning the Grammy Awards.

Governor Nyesom Wike gave Burnaboy the gift while welcoming Burna Boy and his parents at the Government House, Port Harcourt on Saturday.

He had described the Grammy award-winning Afrobeat singer, as the pride of the state and also promised to give artistes who performed at Burna’s Homecoming Concert in Rivers State N10 million each.

Reacting, some Nigerians on social media who condemned the action accused Governor Nyesom Wike of wasteful spending while still owing pensioners in the state.

They also took a swipe at Burnaboy for accepting the gift.

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Here are some comments on Twitter:

@Dolusegun, “When they say Buhari is not working. This is what they mean. They miss the government of share the money which is why @burnaboy could not politely ask Wike to use that money to pay the five-year unpaid salaries of teachers in demonstration schools in Rivers State.

@therealdaddymo1, “When they say Nigerians deserve the leaders it gets, this is part of why they say that. Gov Wike is so confident and unashamed to be paying artistes from government funds and people are hailing him but turn round and also criticize corruption in the same breath?”

@Islimfit, “The impulse gifting by Governor Nyesom Wike is so unnecessary for a state that has failed to pay gratuity & pension.”

@Rajidraj, “Burna Boy and the rest of the artistes will collect N10M each from Wike and celebrate it here. Next day they will tweet about lack of infrastructure and focus on Lagos State. Have they ever asked Wike about EndSARS Judicial Panel of Inquiry?”

@Ulxma, “Burna Boy’s politics starts and ends with his songs. In reality, he neither has the depth nor the guts to actually challenge the system he’s always criticising. But thanks for the music tho. At least, it makes us feel good.”

@Ijawroyalty, “It’s nice that Wike is giving out 10million to artistes but my mother who worked for the state government for 35yrs retired with gratuity of app 9 million and has been told that the government can’t afford to pay them yet.”

@Manlikeicey, “Burna Boy sang about monsters you made, referring to Nigerian politicians but same guy received N10M and a land from Governor Nyesom Wike, Burna’s activism ehn, e don spoil.”

@Oyesilejohn, “Saw how jubilant the crowd was when Governor Nyesom Wike promised to give N10m each to Burna and others? Youth made up 95% of that crowd. They are very vocal about how the country isn’t working, they don’t care about infrastructures or economic indices. Just share the money. PDP ruined us.”

@Scad_official, “What’s the economic justification of giving N10m to artistes for say 10 to 15 minutes performance? I didn’t know Rivers state has so much money for frivolities. Gov Wike will step out tomorrow to criticise Buhari forgetting he’s part of the problem.”

@Khalidmovic, “Teachers in Rivers have been complaining about unpaid salaries for months and Wike as usual keeps spending money like a Charity Organisation,no outrage nothing.”

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