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Eastern Security Network – All You Need To Know About ESN



Eastern Security Network - All You Need To Know About ESN

Eastern Security Network is an organized Vigilante network set up to defend, safeguard the land of Eastern Nigeria i.e to stop the Fulani terrorist, Miyetti Allah from coming into east to kill or maim innocent populace in the Former Eastern Nigeria.

The Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu has launched the Eastern Security Network for the South East and South South area of Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu in a special world broadcast introduced the security outfit, revealing their Modus Operandum and what the outfit will do in the Former Eastern Nigeria.

Eastern Security Network - All You Need To Know About ESN

Eastern Security Network – All You Need To Know About ESN

The 55 Minutes Broadcast had Nnamdi Kanu warn Nigeria Security agencies and other stakeholders in Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu said, “We have decided to take it upon ourselves to protect ourselves , We will not stop until we take away all traces of Fulani terrorism in Biafra land, We are going to defend our land against the ravaging Fulani Terrorist”

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“We cannot allow what happened in Obigbo, Emene, Nkpor to occur again”

“From this day forward any attempt to kill any innocent people will be reciprocated forthwith, Our daughters, our mothers have been raped and they cannot even go to farm, our land has been given out perpetually but we cannot allow it to happen.”

“They have confirmed that Those Invading are coming from Mali, Chad, seme and other Fulani countries and that is why We have set up the Eastern Security Network to combat these people from invading our land and to protect our land from Fulani Terrorist”

“This is Our Response to insecurity, destruction of lives and properties, You will see them in their uniform protecting our land critically, give them your support.”

“We must defend our land with the last blood in our bone, If they come to do their Cattle business they should rent houses in the city and not to be domiciled in the bushes or our forest.”

“The Fulani knew very well that the best way to defeat us is to divide us that is why the governors we have in the Biafra land have not floated any Security outfit to curtail the menace but we have decided to protect ourselves.”

Any Governor, Commissioner of Police who watch or order the killing of our people will receive it from us.

The Eastern Security Network is set up to bring to an end Fulani, Miyetti Allah terrorism in Eastern Nigeria

“We have been killed for many years by Fulani Miyetti Allah terrorist, it is very discouraging that the international communities has not done anything to help.”

“At the right time, those who supported the slaughter of our people, especially Wike will be held accountable at the right.”

“In the coming weeks people will come out to protest and the Eastern Security Network will provide cover for them and any man in uniform that tried to harm our people will receive our wrath.”

“We have resolved to die for what we believe in, We are going to defend our land so our mothers can go to farm, Extra Judicial killings will no longer be tolerated, any Police Commissioner who bring out his men to kill our people will have himself and Family also dealt with.”

“Enough is enough.” Nnamdi Kau said

Highlight of the broadcast had the Biafra leader announce his new media secretary, Uchenna Okoroafor.


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