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Biafra Restoration: Chimamanda Adichie Education Is A Waste — Nnamdi Kanu



Biafra Restoration: Chimamanda Adichie Education Is A Waste -Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra has blasted Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie over some loss guided statements she made concerning Biafra Restoration.

The Biafra Leader Nnamdi Kanu also berated the Ohanaeze Ndigbo for not standing and defending the people
“they are killing your people and you cannot form a security outfit, all you are after is Igbo Presidency”

Chimamanda Adichie earlier said Igbo people need to rethink how they strategies politically before talking about secession.

She said: “There is no Biafra. There are new movements but, for me, it’s a question of being practical. Where would the border be? What is propelling these movements is a sense of marginalisation, which I think is completely valid.

“But this idea that the answer is independence is what I’m not convinced of. Nobody has made a logical case for me. Quite frankly, I’ve observed the terrible leadership that we have in the southeast.

“Igbo people cannot unite if, for example, we say we want an Igbo president. And then we’re talking about Biafra. There is a lot of political work we need to do in the southeast.

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“We need to do a lot of rethinking on how we strategise politically before we can talk about Biafra.”

The Biafra leader, Nnamdi Kanu in responds to her assertion described the Education she had to be a wasted one.

Nnamdi Kanu in a live radio broadcast said: “Just like they use Ukpabi Asika to try and finish up the job, like Chimamanda Adichie, Ukpabi Asika was an intellectual, very very learned, he was bright, very intelligent, In order to prove to the british that he was detribalized he started talking nonsense, Ukpabi Asika said “I don’t see Biafra coming, they are not together” he was talking rubbish.

“Before the State of Israel was founded in 1948, the Jews all around the world was not together, go and read the book called Exodus, the very prominent Jews in New York that had the money said no, they went to come and fight David Ben and their ship was sunk. They brought arms to come and fight their own brother not to come and fight the Arabs that were attacking Israel.”

“The Same thing is happening now, anybody who is a bit learned, you write one or two things you think you have arrived and you can offer an opinion on Biafra which you don’t know.”

“Very Disappointedly I had regard for Chimamanda Adichie, does she tell me she believe in One Nigeria and she is learned, Chimamanda Adichie you went to school and you studied and you believe in something that was created as a limited liability company more or less the Royal Niger Company. A white man will decide a name of a nation for you, WASTED EDUCATION.”

“That tells you all you need to know, Now I understand the reason why they never gave the Nobel prize to Chinua Achebe, Now I know. They did not give the Nobel prize to him because he failed to denounced Biafra, Britain knew that Chinua Achebe was a hard core Biafran, they denied him the Nobel prize and they gave it to Wole Soyinka instead.”

“Chinua Achebe wrote more book than Wole Soyinka, Achebe is known all over the world than Wole Soyinka, Just because he is a Biafran, that’s global conspiracy against us, Chinua Achebe works has been translated to Hundreds of Languages all over the world, I recommend that Chimamanda Adichie goes back to read Things Fall Apart.”

“Chinua Achebe was more famous than you are, he was a Biafran, he died a very proud Biafran, you that came up to maybe because BBC gave you an award, maybe one glass ornament you think you have arrived, you are now dinning and drinking tea with white people, you now have opinion about Biafra.”

“What do you know about Biafra, How can a people be united when they were defeated in a war, a war of attrition, what I call third world war WW3, what do you know about Biafra. The Trauma and the psychological damage from the war caused by treachery from those we never expected and you are talking about if they cannot unite.”

“That England you go to and you teach children, is the president of that place an Igbo man and you are talking about Igbo Presidency, Is Boris Johnson an Igbo man but they give you award, they give you all the limelight you need all over the world and you are talking rubbish about Biafra.”

The Biafra Leader Nnamdi Kanu also berated the Ohanaeze Ndigbo for not standing and defending the people
“they are killing your people and you cannot form a security outfit to defend your people, We have launch the Eastern Security Network and to support is a problem, If they support their masters in the north will become angry, no you see how stupid some of them are.”

“The Ohanaeze Ndigbo is Illigimate and cannot be recognized anywhere in the world instead am canvassing very seriously for World Igbo Congress to take over the affairs of Igbo Social cultural whatsoever, World Igbo Congress will rise and do the needful because Ohanaeze will kill all of us, Ohanaeze Ndigbo is evil.”

“The Fulani has installed George Obiozor as their stooge, I must make it clearly that Ohanaeze is illigimate and must not stand, World Igbo Congress will replace them immediately.

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