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Can I Use My Last Year Jamb Profile Code For This Year?



Can I Use My Last Year Jamb Profile Code For This Year?

Can I use my last year jamb profile code for this year? If this has been you question then i think the answer is YES.

JAMB Profile Code Goes With the Old Phone Number

Can I Use My Last Year Jamb Profile Code For This Year?

Can I Use My Last Year Jamb Profile Code For This Year?

The procedure to get started with obtaining UTME/DE Form is to send a Candidate’s NIN in this format (NIN 87903457891) to 55019. You will immediately receive your profile code. This is a 10-digit number you will use to buy your UTME form.

Now, some candidates had used their SIMs to get these codes sometime last year or the year before. If you use the same phone number to get the code this year, it means the same old profile code will be sent to you again this year.

Is anything wrong with that? NO!

It only means you must have access to your last profile. In other words, you must have the last email to your profile and the password to your profile.

Once you’re able to log in to the last profile, then you’re doing good. Go ahead and use the same profile for your UTME this year.

In fact, starting from the 2022 admission year, candidates are tied to the same email linked with their JAMB profile last year and the password sent to their email and after the linking except if they’ve changed the password.

Therefore, the old method of changing email or phone numbers in order to change the JAMB profile code is no longer working. You will use the same profile code, NIN, and linked email to obtain any future UTME/DE.

NIN Used Last Year to Get Profile Code is Still the Same this Year

Can I Use My Last Year Jamb Profile Code For This Year?

Can I Use My Last Year Jamb Profile Code For This Year?

When you wanted to obtain UTME/DE form last year, it was your NIN you used to get the profile code. It was this profile code you used to buy the JAMB PIN.

Hence, your profile code has been tied with your NIN. And since you can’t change your NIN this year (NIN will remain the same for the rest of your life), you can’t change your profile code too. Then, if you send your NIN to JAMB again this year, the same profile code will be sent back to you. Try it!

Hence, there may not be a need to resend any NIN this year. Just keep using the same old profile code if you must buy another JAMB. And if you’ve lost it, you can resend the NIN or recover it.

If You’ve Lost the Phone Line Used Last Year

If you don’t have the phone line used last year again or it is another person’s phone line you used to get the profile code, there is no need to panic.

I’ve said that the phone line used to get the profile code was just a medium to send the SMS. The real thing used to get profile code was the NIN.

That was why it was possible for some candidates to use their mothers, fathers, or relatives’ phone lines to get the profile codes back then. In as much, it was the candidate’s NIN he sent to 55019, it didn’t matter if the line belonged to a friend or family.

The profile code sent back will attach to the NIN, not to the phone line specifically.

Hence, if you think of using a new line to send the profile code this year, go ahead. Just make sure it’s still the NIN you send and that the new line has not been used to get any profile code before.

It’s still the old profile code, attached to the NIN that will be resent back to you even though you’re using a new line.
The Same UTME Results for Those Who Use Previous Profile?
Heck No!

This is a total mistake from the person who posted the notice. JAMB will not give the same result to you just as the one you got last year’s because you used the old profile.

This was clearly a misunderstanding.

Well, let’s ask Mr. Poster where he got this information?

Nobody has written this year’s UTME already let alone seeing the results. And for those who used the same profiles last year, they were given their new results instead of the old ones. How did he know JAMB will give you the same result as last year? Whereas, such has never happened in the previous years.


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