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Blaze Of Retributive Justice Episode 9



Blaze Of Retributive Justice

I wasn’t sure if Sanam would forgive me, but I thought I should try harder by patronising her friend’s saloon. The saloon was definitely not the type I visited with all the middle class clients, I felt terrible there, the things I was doing for the sake of Asad, putting my sanity on the line.

Hajara recognized me immediately, ‘Hajiya Shahnaz.’ She chirped. I was given grand treatment, I was washing my hair and praying for it to be over soon, I just needed the message to pass to Sanam and then to Asad. Finally I was leaving when a lady walked up to me with a Tozali magazine.

‘Please is this you?’ She said showing me an old issue.

‘Yes.’ I said trying hard to smile.

‘Wow, that’s my friend by your side.’

‘Which one?’

‘Lami Zakari.’

‘From where did you know her.’

‘We attended the same secondary school, FGGC Kano.’ A smile spread across my face because Lami told everyone she schooled in London. She happened to marry an old minister years ago has been feeling too big for her shoes now, I took her number and promised to call her, which I did and Invited her to the party.

The party was a success, though I was the host I arrived the party late in order to make a grand entrance with my new Ferrari berlinetta. My maids were there to serve, I had insisted, I also insisted that my gateman and Gardner come along to help, they needed to witness Lami’s disgrace and humiliation. I was wearing a blue Fendi gown and I felt regal, my bruised ego and broken confidence was gradually returning as Asad was now giving me attention.

Sara was indeed pleasantly surprised, most of our family and friends were present we were having nice time.

Ramatu the lady from Hajara beauty parlour was there, I introduced her to Tanveer as Lami’s guest, and Tanveer got to asking her questions as she was not satisfied with the lady’s cheap outfit. She on the other hand started talking incessantly spilling all her secrets.

Tanveer together with Ramatu approached where Lami was seated with her friends. There was no how she could deny Ramatu as she walked up to her.

‘Lami, your friend here hasn’t seen you in a long time.’ Tanveer said. Ramatu on the other hand hugged Lami tightly, ‘you remember me don’t you from FGGC Kano?’ She asked.

Lami was speechless as Ramatu made a spectacle of them now.

‘I’m not sure.’ she stammered.’

‘Common, Lami she knows everyone in your family she has told us everything.’ Tanveer said smilingly.

Lami was muted. ‘When you married the minister, I tried hard to contact you but to no avail, seems like you forgot your old friends.’ Ramatu said all smiles.

Everyone thought Lami had lived and schooled in east london, she even faked the accent, she chose east london because she knew non of us would have lived or visited there.

‘Now are you sure Ramatu, because Lami here schooled in east london.’ Tanveer said to refresh everyone’s memory.

‘Am sure’ I still have our school pic, the one we took after our final exams.’ She said and produced an old picture which Tanveer took and was able to identify Lami looking very ridiculous in the check uniform. She passed it round for all to see.

‘Now now this is surely Lami, am sure we had a misconception about you, I always had a doubt as you produced no school mate nor friend from east London.’ Tanveer said. Now Lami had stares from all directions she was obviously uncomfortable, and was about to leave in shame but that was not enough for me, I needed to make my next move fast.


I quickly went to the rest room and dropped the second of the bangle I gave Tanveer which was identical and told Ladi to stand guard and tell anyone who came that I was inside. I went to Lami and initiated a conversation with her, I deliberately dropped red wine on her dress, I apologized profusely and led her to the restroom. I knew lami had eye for beautiful things and would surely slip the bangle in her bag she would also like to get back at Tanveer at her ealier embarrassment. When she came out I entered and saw the bangle missing. I was happy and approached Tanveer and stealthily unclasped the bangle from her wrist and hid it.

‘Tanveer where is your bangle?’ I faked a surprise, gasped and dramatically put my hands on chest.

She touched her wrist and surprise flooded her face, frantically she looked around, and there was a search.

‘No one here can stoop so low to steal even it fell of your wrist.’I said.

‘Maybe there is someone, the one who stooped that low to lie about her schooling.’

She took her phone and called the police, yes Tanveer had police men outside I insisted for safety.

‘Lami was ambushed as she was about to leave the party. ‘Please we have to check you ma’am.’ The police men said to Lami.

‘What who authorised you?’ She was trying to salvage the little dignity she had left.

‘I did.’ Tanveer said appearing from their back, she had already made a fuss and people were looking at Lami hoping to find out what was going on.

‘Why?’ Lami said holding her bag tight.

‘Just oblige.’ Tanveer said in an icy tone.

Her bag was taken and she was frisked, the bangle was found in her bag by then everyone had gathered Tanveer blew the matter out of proportion and orderd the arrest of Lami for theft and she was handcuffed and led out disgracefully, she was crying and begging for mercy from Tanveer but she didn’t budge, Infact she would broadcast it to everyone by morning Lami most definitely wont be able to show her face anywhere by the time Tanveer was through with her. I went to her

‘You actually stole, but not from Tanveer.’ I said and showed a glimpse of the Identical piece.

Her eyes widened. ‘Ladidi you.’

‘Yes me, when you’re out of jail you can come along with your prayer warriors plus I invited your FGGC sweetheart Ramatu’ I met her at Hajara saloon.’ I said with a smile of fulfillment on my face, I like to punish people who mess with me, but not directly, I prefer to just create the circumstances, she was dragged out and Tanveer apologized to everyone and the party continued.



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