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Blaze Of Retributive Justice Episode 8



Blaze Of Retributive Justice

The vibration of my phone woke me up, it was 4 am in the morning Asad was still sleeping, he looked so innocent and I thought if I stabbed him now, it would be an easy escape for him and I would end up in jail for murder, but it has to be precise, he has to feel every pain I felt both physical and emotional. I checked my phone and saw 18 missed calls, 12 from Sara and 6 from Mama. I quickly called Sara back.

‘Is Najma with you?’ She asked iimmediately.


‘Are you sure?’

‘Let me check her room?’ I cut the call and dashed to guestroom where was sleeping and she was gone.

My phone was ringing again.

‘Sara she’s not here.’

‘My God.’

‘What happened?’

‘She ran away.’

I ran to my room and shook Asad, he looked at me with sleepy eyes.

‘What is the time?’ He asked.

‘Najma has run away.’ I yelled.

‘What!!.’ He said and sat up, sleep leaving him.

‘I have to go home right now, Mama called me.’ I said frantically.

‘Calm down its too early, I’ll take you in the morning Brunkus can take the kids to school.’

We watched as Baba paced up and down and rained abuses on Mama, who in turn was mute like he was a mad man raving all by himself.

‘I give you everything, yet you can’t take of my children, just tell your daughter that she is dead to me.’ He said finally and stormed out.

Sara told us all that led Najma to take that drastic step.

Najma had just graduated and wanted to pursue her career by working but Baba would not hear of it, instead he planned her marriage to man a called Sultan.

‘Sultan is old.’ Noora had shrieked when she heard.’

‘Its the first son from his youngest wife Bibi, Sara said.

Najma would not hear of it, and she packed as much cash and jewelry as she could and left the country, Baba had received a call from someone that one of his daughters boarded a plane to Dubai, he contacted his contacts in Dubai and he was later told that she left for Abu Dhabi immediately, from there her trail was lost. Najma had disobeyed and embarrassed Baba and defamed our family and I wondered why she refused to marry Sultan who was a very handsome, intelligent young man from a wealthy home.

I was sad, so were my sisters and brothers, Abhas came and consoled Nafisa and surprisingly Asad came to me too, those moments marked the begining our bonding moments. He almost became the Asad I had once fallen in love with.

though I acted as a changed person and Asad was slowly changing I still nurtured my schemes of vengeance and Lami was still on my mind for what she did. I was planning a surprise for Asad on our anniversary, but he beat me to it by gifting me my dream car, a red Ferrari F12 berlinetta the latest in the Ferrari series 2013 model, with engine of 740 hp, 6.3 ltr, v-12. I was wild with happiness and almost forgot about my hidden hatred towards him, we relived our first Ferrari drive 10 years ago, with me telling him all about the car, it seemed as if the old Asad was back.

I decorated our living room to a romantic setting and had Mr Kwewke assist me in making dinner. A table for two, continental dishes, expensive champagne, candle lights. Everything was set with a sexy wife dressed in a red Armani tube dress, my hair flying and Cartier shimmering on my neck, ears and wrist.This is the very first time I have tried to please and seduce Asad throughout our marriage.

‘Surprise.’ I said basking in the glory of my red dress and diaminds as Asad entered our living room, the expression on his face told me he was pleasantly surprised.

‘This is the best anniversary ever.’ He said as he drew me into his arms, I could see love and desire in his eyes as we danced to Lionel Richie and Diana Ross’s endless love classic, The things I felt as we were together made me wish we had no differences between us and at that slight moment I wanted to forget my plight the beatings and abuses I’ve received and endured.

‘Did you ever love anybody before me?’ Asad asked me, his breadth was hot on my face

‘No.’ I whispered to his ears even though there was no space between us and he could have heard.

‘What of you, do you love another apart from me?’ I dared to ask.

He was silent for a while, then he said.

‘I love youaso much, as no man as ever loved any woman on earth.’ His reply was heart wrenching, though he did not agree he loved only me he made feel special, that night I put all my plans on hold.

I was actually considering becoming a good person but I was still going to seek revenge on Lami for humiliating me and I was going to let her do it herself I would just create the circumstances. I took out my diamond Ruby encrusted bangle, to gain I had to loose and I headed to visit Tanveer.

I was sure to check everything I was wearing from my designer head scarf, to my channel clutch and Prada stilettos before going, Tanveer welcomed me and we sat at her grand pavilion, she criticality examined everything I wore at glance.

‘Tanveer this place is amazing, its so beautiful.’ I said as we relaxed in her beautiful pavilion.

‘My architecture from Korea erected it for me.’ She said proudly.

‘I rained more praises on the pavilion and asked if I could use it to throw Sara a surprise birthday party, and she agreed.

As she saw me off to my car, Asad’s “Bentley muslanne”I told her that she would be the host and invite people so Sara doesn’t get a whiff of the surprise and she agreed.

I also persuaded her to accept the bangle as a token of our friendship and to promise to wear it for the party.

I mailed her the guest list and Lami was on it, she would be my last conquest, I had decided to forget about Asad and his mistress whose identity I still didn’t know despite my thorough investigation.

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