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Blaze Of Retributive Justice Episode 5



Blaze Of Retributive Justice

When I got home, I did’nt see Mama, Najma or Baba, so I headed straight to my room, it was very much the same as I had left it, only that the furnitures were covered with clothes, Ladi got to cleaning right away, that’s the thing about Ladi she always knows what to do, and she never asked questions nor made any suggestions, she would just do what she was expected to do. At times I find her boring but most times she’s more than useful.

I woke up to the smell of Gharoud, Baba’s signature perfume it was mixed with Mama’s AL Farakhti oud, I was wandering where I was then I remembered going home. The smell mixed together was not pleasant and I ran to the toilet and started puking. When I came out of the toilet, I met Baba’s stern face and Mama’s cultured expression.

‘You left your husband’s house without his permission.’ Baba bellowed.

‘Baa ba.’ I stuttered, I was surprise to see him, when I didn’t see him the night before I anticipated he was at Nana’s place since he alternated days, Mama usually got more days. Baba was angry, I needed to do something fast, Gharoud smell hit again and I ran to the toilet, this time I retched loudly so they would hear, I opened the tap as I examined my face in the mirror, the black eye Asad gave me was fading, but it’ll still do.

I went out and deliberately fell on the floor and shut my eyes. Baba ran to my side and tried lifting me up but he couldn’t. ‘Help me,’ he screamed at Mama. Together they struggled to put me on the bed, Baba dialed the doctor’s number and he came in no time. All the while I kept my eyes shut and my body limp.

He examined me,I still kept up the pretense.

‘I’ll have to inject her with…..,,’ I couldn’t catch what he said next.

What was I hearing, I hated injections, oh my, I needed to stop pretending immediately. So I coughed and opened my eyes gradually.

‘She has come back.’Baba said relieved. I saw him looking at my black eye crucially.

‘The first trimester is very critical, so try to avoid accidents.’ Dr Abu said, as he picked up his stuff to leave.

Baba went to see Dr Abu off, obviously to ask the meaning of first trimester, I could see his blank expression when Dr Abu said that. Soon he was back.

‘How are you feeling?’

‘Better Baba.’ I said faintly.

‘Why did you leave, without permission?’ It was just his version of saying why did you run away, he had said that to Halima and Noora before.

I burst into tears, ‘Asad was beating me, I was afraid he’d kill me, I did not want to loose my baby.’ I sobbed. When I didn’t even know I was pregnant until Dr Abu told me. My father got up and left, Mama left too. I was alone till Ladi came with breakfast.

I was looking outside the window when I saw Asad’s silver Cadillac making its way into our estate like compound, it was followed by a Lincoln navigator jeep, and I knew Asad had come with his father to resolve the issue, something they’d rather not do because of the negative publicity and above all it’ll crash Asad’s ego, that he couldn’t rein in his wife. Baba too would be hurt that he didn’t train his daughter well else come what may, she would stay at her husband’s house.

I peeped into the key hole and watched the drama, Asad’s Father was inaudible but I heard Baba and Asad clearly, he was really bashed for beating up his pregnant wife though he tried to defend himself, his head hung low. Even his father was against him, it was just farce, for I could remember the countless times Baba beat mama mercilessly most times she would end up in the hospital.

Asad’s father was not innocent either, his youngest wife had a scar on her forehead which is rumoured to have been given by him, how could they now reprimand another person for doing same thing. Immediately after they Left Baba called me and mama to the study.

‘Raliyah didn’t you teach her the norms?’ He barked. Mama was silent, her face betraying no emotion.

‘Dont ever run away from your husband’s house again, and if you decide to , don’t you dare step foot in my house, unless with your husband. If you do so you and your mother will leave this house forever.’ He said furiously.

I was shell shocked, where is the love, or is it that his reputation was much more important, Mama was silent as usual, no words, no emotions to hint what she could be feeling inside. That evening Asad came to get me, we drove home in silence each buried in our own thoughts. But he changed drastically after that incident, he grew ruthless.

Time passed, I had my baby, a son whom Asad named after himself as Asad junior, we were happy, then some years on I had a set of twins two lovely girls, Shazia and Nazia then another son, Amir.

Asad’s perfect image was tainted by his temper which rose up fiercely like the ocean in storm, its waves hitting the rocks mercilessly and sometimes he’d cool down and be so calm like clear skies, and the love in his eyes for me diminished gradually like an ember loosing its life and gradually turning to ash.

Our lives became what you would call “complicated”, many a times we’d be happy especially if I was expecting a baby, but more times I had to see Asad’s dark side for menial issues, like leaving the room in mess, or messing with Asad’s things. He could fire a worker because of dust, he was overly obsessed about cleanliness.

He grew very authoritative, his demands was that I obeyed him always, at first I refused to be subdued, but as time passed and Asad battery was becoming too much and I had nowhere to turn to I had no option but to bend to his will.

My only source of solace came from foreign trips, shopping and cruising in expensive cars, even at that there are times I’d feel something was missing, something I couldn’t place my hand on.

My friend Tanveer was throwing herself a birthday bash. Tanveer is one person you cant make a mistake around, she’d broadcast you, even CNN is not as fast as she was, whenever she was not there people referred to her as AL Jazeera. Also do not offend Tanveer else you would have to pay in ten folds what you did, no one escalates a matter in the way Tanveer does, and don’t ever dress lightly to a party organized by Tanveer, you just have to look your best. She is Al Jazeera after all.

Well I was dressing for Tanveer’s party, I wore a rose colored dress with a crazy slit, we’d dress any how to our parties, it was usually just us ladies. After dressing I realized my ruby ear ring was missing, I had no other option but that one, besides my ruby never goes missing it’s in the wardrobe, so I surfed through my things, I got careless and I must have strewn my clothes around the room. In my haste to make a grand entrance at Tanveer’s party with ears and necks shimmering with Ruby I forgot to tell Ladi to clean up the mess I did.

I came back home at around 12:30 am in the morning, I met Asad in our living room with a stern face, And I just knew something must go wrong tonight, timidly I walked inside, I had grown to fear Asad.

‘Stop there, what time is it.’ He asked cooly.

’12:30 am.’ I said glancing at my Chris aire watch.

‘Is it the time for a married woman to come back home, Is that what you were thought by your parents.’

‘Asad please you don’t have to bring my parents into this.’

‘Really, why shouldn’t I, tell me.’ He said getting up and advancing towards me, I moved back but soon I was backed up against the wall. He dragged me by my hand to the room, lo and behold my mess.

‘You know I cant tolerate such things, yet you still do it, is it to torture me he snarled.’ By then I was shaking with fear.

With force he hurled me down and I fell in the pile of my own clothes, I cursed him, he bent over and gave me a dirty slap, the force of the slap rammed my body against a stool or something, when I recovered from the shock, I got up and slapped him back, well that did it for I woke up in Nia the following day with Ladi by my side watching Africa magic.

I was in the OBGYN ward, I had a miscarriage. That was my first but not the last, as I have woken twice more to the same environment and the same story.

Now its time to change the script.

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Deeper Life School Saga: Accused Student Shares His Side Of The Story



Deeper Life School Saga: Accused Student Shares His Side Of The Story

The Trending Deeper Life School Saga, Shalom Omoniyi, one of the students who allegedly bullied Don-Davis Archibong at the Deeper Life High School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, has spoken up about the incident.

Recall, Don-Davis alleged on Facebook Live that senior students of the school, including Shalom and one Ola, assaulted him severally while he was in their hostel.

He also claimed that he couldn’t report to the school authorities because the senior students threatened to kill him if he reported them.

However, in an interview with Vanguard, Omoniyi, a 13-year-old Senior School 1 student from Ekiti State, said their boarding master, Nseabasi Joseph, only asked him and Ola to help Don-Davis learn how to keep himself clean.

Shalom said Joseph only gave him the task because Don-Davis was his bunkmate for two weeks.

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He said,

“Don-Davis was my bunkmate. I resumed at the school on November 1, 2020, to meet him as my bunkmate. But I was told that he was removed from the Junior Students Hostel and put in the Senior Students Hostel because the boarding master of junior school, Mr Akpan, was sick.

“We (Ola and I) did not bully him. I did not molest him. The boarding master, Joseph Nseabasi, asked us to make sure he was always clean because when he pooped or peed on himself, he didn’t clean up. And when he smelled, and we asked him if he defecated, he would say no.

“But when we asked him to pull down his boxers and bend down, we would discover that he defecated without cleaning his anus. We would now ask him to go and take his bath or clean himself. And when we noticed that his clothes were smelling, we would tell him to go and wash the clothes, but he would refuse. Instead, he would go and put the smelly clothes in his cupboard.”

The accused minor also said Don-Davis was moved back to the Junior Students Hostel when Akpan returned before the end of the term on December 19, 2020.

He also said that Don-Davis might have been angry that they (he and Ola) didn’t do the things the boarding master, Akpan, was doing for him before he fell ill, noting, “Mr Akpan used to wash his clothes, bathe him. He also helped him to brush his teeth.

“Mr Akpan returned to School before school closed on December 19, 2020. When he returned, Don-Davis was also moved back to his former hostel. He was moved to the Senior Students Hostel because when Mr Akpan was sick, the Junior Students Hostel did not have a boarding master. He was moved out of our hostel on November 15.”

Omoniyi also said a female nurse used to come at 6:30 am to give Don-Davis drugs every day on an empty stomach.

Asked if the School punished him and Ola for allegedly bullying and molesting Don-Davis, Omoniyi said he was never punished.

“Don-Davis reported us to the school principal, (Mrs Ndidi Solomon, already suspended) that Ola and I bullied him. The principal invited us to her office and told us that she was going to punish us. Even when we tried to explain things to her, she refused to listen. But she did not punish us.”

Father to the accused student, Olusegun Omoniyi, said his son has been admitted into the school from JSS1, and that he never received any bad report from the school about any misconduct on the part of his son.

He said he was therefore surprised when Don-Davis mentioned his son’s name in the matter.

He explained that even when the school principal, Ndidi Solomon, contacted him, saying she was going to punish his son, he was not given details of the offence he was said to have committed.

He said, “So, when I saw the story and the alleged involvement of my son, I decided to call my son and ask him why he bullied and molested the boy, but he said he did not do such a thing.

“I cannot force my son to tell a lie. And I also allowed him to make a statement to the police last Thursday.

“I am not worried about anything because I believe that my son is telling the truth and I know the truth will prevail, no matter how long it takes. In fact, the whole story is too shallow for me to believe.”

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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 4



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode

The two girls were panting heavily … John who is chioma little brother was peeping through the window, the girls were quietly waiting for his response ,at long last he signed and nodded his head negatively,the Look of relief and peace came over their stance and face immediately as they both sat on the tattered carpet.

“That your father will not kill you and your mother” , chioma retorted angrily after the long silence ,Jonny bring us water please,joy told John who quickly left for the kitchen … “have told you to stop saying words like kill in from to their little boy”joy replied her friend after the boy had left.

Chioma hissed and shouted in anger “but your father will end up killing you if you don’t implement our plan fast!”,joy was too tired and in pain to argue with her friend,she remembered her mother and got tears started rushing out of her eyes.

Chioma noticed and quickly stood up to hug her friend .. “am sorry for shouting at you,but I just feel the pain too
and I can’t take it anymore,it’s unbearable for me as well”,joy looked up at her loving friend and hugged her back, “I don’t know why you love me like this chioma,thank you for standing up and fighting for me everytime,one would think we are sisters”chioma froze at joys word but quickly smiled…. “let me get you food to eat and don’t even think of going to that house this night,okay!”.

Joy smiled and looked away because she knew she would be going home soon,she can’t leave her sweet mother in the hands of her beastlike father,he will use up all his anger and frustration on the poor woman , “I don’t know if being a doctor is by force,I already agreed to go to school,even up to university ooo,but I want to follow my dream of
being a dancer,why won’t he let me !” Joy lamented talking to no one in particular as chioma has left for the kitchen.

John came out with the water not quite long,joy quickly clean her tears face and faked a smile for the 5 years old boy,he is too young to see the brutality and sadness of life,joy would always tell chioma ….. “Jonny what took you so long” joy asked with her fake smile , “I was boiling the water for you,I will help you massage your body with it too,all your face and body are swollen”the little boy replied with a sad face and shakey voice.

Joy couldn’t hold back her tears this time she rushed to hug him and burst into tears,the boy also joined her in crying and they stayed like that until chioma cane to let them both,they ate and slept.

“You are time of sneaking around joy… where are you going to?”It was chioma that asked,she put on the lantern and caught joy by her sweaty and bloody gown,joy smiled and sat down back … “and you are tons of catching me whenever I want to sneak from your house,even my father doesn’t catch me like you do”the two girls burst into a long laughter at joys response.

“I need to go home,my father will not allow my mother to sleep if I don’t go home tonight,he will bully her and am scared,you know how her health is,chioma looked worried at once and stood up almost immediately,”I will escorting yo your gate,this is past 11 in the night” … joy smiled and hugged her friend or rather angel in human form.

The two girls walked side by side in the darkness to joys house,as they approach the house joy fear increased and chioma anger increased, “we really need to implement our plan as fast as possible”she said to joy with NG we visible in her voice ,joy oretended not to hear,chioma plan involve leaving her mum and she will not stand for it,she loves her mother too much to abandon her with her crazy father.

Chioma knew joy ignored her intentionally as she has always avoided the topic,she signed and kept quiet.

At last they got to the house and chioma said her goodbyes, “we will see in school tomorrow” chioma said to her friend ,joy smile sadly and responded sadly .. “that’s if am still alive and able to walk” and with that the two girls went their separate ways.

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The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode 3



The Spiky Path (Joy And Her Wicked Dad) Episode

Joy couldn’t stand there to recieve any more whiplash,her father had been whipping her for the past ten minute and he doesn’t seems to be tired,infact the whipping was becoming tougher and firmer,she removed her slippers and took to her heels,immediately her father saw what was happening he also removed his slippers and started running after her,it was a sight to behold .

They were running like mad cat and rat and everyone was looking at them,chioma was also running after them shouting at the top of her voice for people to interfere but no one paid any attention to her , Joy was crying in pain and running and her father was running after her,delivering whiplash on her body anytime he gets the chance.

Joy looked back and saw chioma running after them and quickly remembered their plan B,plan A was to go home with him and recieve her usuals cane and plan B was to run to chioma house of plan A fails and now that plan A has failed because her father didn’t take her home as usual,he started beating her from the spot,it’s time to execute plan B.

Joy looked back again and made a funny sound,her friend quickly made a U turn and passed another road,to joy father he thought she had given up running after them, “bastard child… she want to influence my daughter negatively,always staying back to support her,run naw… I thought you can run,are you tired”,he shouted after chioma retreating figure.

Unknown to him that it was a mere distraction to help joy escape,he looked front to continue chasing his daughter home with the cane because he knows that she won’t go home easily without cane.

But to his astonishment and surprise he didn’t see her in front of him,his head almost exploded,after all the running and madness on the street,he had just destroyed a part of his reputation,everyone saw him when he was running like a mad goat on the street,he had never beaten joy in front of people apart from her mother and neighbors before but he decided to do that so as to instill fear in her heart just like he had done to her mother.

But at the end of the day she had made a fool and mockery of him all in the name of her stupid dance,joy father thought in pain and never to himself .

He stopped running and started walking home slowly,he would go and vent his anger in his wife that way he would be able to breathe and she would tell her daughter the story when she comes back home.

Joy mother was in the backyard peeling yam for dinner when she heard her husband voice,although he was shouting but she’s used to it already so she doesn’t see it as shouting,when does he talk with his normal voice,he is always roaring and shouting to make his point clear.

He was calling for her so she quickly dropped the knife and rushed to answer him,she almost stepped on the knife in a haste to get to him quickly.

As she turned to enter their small parlor she was met with a hot and blinding slap,she stumbled and fell on a nearby chair,she didn’t make any sound due to the fear of annoying him the more,she quickly jumped up and tied her wrapper very well,she already knows what is coming next and just like that he pounced on her and started throwing punches and blow on the poor woman.

She didn’t want to shout so the neighbors won’t hear their shout which will only intensify his anger so she took the beating like a good child and made only small noises whenever the pain was unbearable.

It went on like that for about twenty minute and when he was tired and spent he sludge to the chair beside him and sat down panting like a lion,get me my food stupid woman.

I will kill the both of you! He roared,joy mother was in pain but she quickly stood up and walked slowly to the kitchen to prepare his dinner,she knew he was venting his anger on her… she was scared for her daughter, “I wonder what he has done to the poor girl” she lamented to her self as she continue with her cooking.

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