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Blaze Of Retributive Justice Episode 19



Blaze Of Retributive Justice

My reflection was not what I saw when I looked in the mirror, I saw a broken woman, a woman who had lost everything.

My sister Mina fussed over my veil.

‘These pins sef.’ She said bending over to pick the pins that fell.

‘Mina just drape it, it’s not like this is my first wedding.’ I said tiredly and I was tired of everything, life in particular.

‘Considering everything Nadia, you should be thankful to God.’ Mina said and she was right, but the past can’t just be wiped away, the thing is its still there.

‘Yes I know Mina, but I can’t help it, I know I’m lucky though.’ I said smiling.

I was lucky to be marrying my childhood sweetheart, even after I betrayed him for my selfish motives.

Whore, bitch, home wrecker are common names given to women that slept with other women’s husbands, adultery is never justifiable for whatever reason, but everything has a reason and there is a story behind every individual.

My life was not perfect, but it was good and I felt good, my middle class parents were ambitious so they sent me abroad for both secondary and tertiary education.

I got a half scholarship at a very expensive school and my parents worked their ass off to pay the remaining tuition, everything was good and could have remained so until I met Ladidi whom I actually mistook for an Emirati, I was surprise to find out that she was fully Nigerian.

We became friends, more like I became her slave but with huge benefits, soon I began to fantasize about being like her, I imagined what it would feel like to cruise in sport cars, wear expensive clothes and use expensive gadgets, my dreams took flight and it landed me in a place of wants and I became a wanna be , Ladidi called me her friend but would intimidate me, manipulate and use me to do her dirty jobs, but I got paid with expensive cast offs.

Soon I became a different person, I would do anything to be among, lie, cheat, and other infamous things, all to live Ladidi’s lifestyle. We went to different universities, while I continued in London she proceeded to the states.

After graduating she got married, her wedding was a splash and her husband, hand picked was a greek god, the toast of every woman, but she had him, her wedding was highly beneficial to me, I traveled with her for her shopping and I met Alhaji Burugu though older than my father became my husband, I left Sani my childhood sweetheart for him because he offered me the affluent life I wanted to live.

I still felt inferior to Ladidi, she did a good job at that, letting people know they were beneath her, she was so arrogant I began to feel spite for her.

One day I met Asad whilst it was raining heavily, he gave me a lift, his gaze kept lingering to my dripping clothes, then he pulled over at a hotel, and I thought my dreams of being with him would finally come true, but I was wrong, he got my clothes to the drycleaners, 2 hrs later we were out of the hotel and nothing happened.

My relationship with my husband hit the rocks from day one, it was not a joyous ride as I had expected it to be, after my divorce I met Asad again and this time I used my charms and played my cards right by blaming him for my divorce, somehow with his guilt and my determination an affair brewed and I nurtured it with all I had.

Many times Asad tried breaking free but I wouldn’t let him, he funded my life and gave me an edge over Ladidi finally, all her yanga and her one in town husband was sharing my bed.

It all began when I saw a writing on my mirror, you bitch, your end is near. I went to call Asad but it was gone, Asad had attempted to break free ealier and assumed I was making it up, then the hallucinations and itching began, my life became a living nightmare with me missing time.

My mental health was degrading rapidly and Asad took it as I was trying to trap and distanced himself from, he had began to feel some sort of loyalty towards his wife for whatsoever reason I didn’t know.

I received a text that Asad was involved in an accident, why would I receive the text when am not his wife, but due to my impaired mental state I jumped into my car and drove off, upon getting on jabi Lake bridge I heard a loud bang and swiftly my car overturned and the water advanced towards me, terror seized me and I passed out.

I woke up in a lot of pain, time eased the physical pain I felt but the emotional pain did not lessen, it increased in time with awareness that I was alone.

I heard it all, about the video and all the calamities that befell Asad, I wished to stay in the hospital forever, the day Asad came he told me he had been hospitalised all the while, he apologized, he came along with an old friend of mine, Sani.

Sani and I had agreed to marry when I left him Married some else for riches, a decision I lived to regret in time, this time Asad and Sani had talked, he had been widowed sometime ago, he agreed to marry me and move out of the country for a while.

‘Nadia.’ A voice called me out of my thoughts, there was no how I will not recognise that voice, the voice responsible for all my woes. I looked at her, ladidi had lost weight but still as beautiful as ever, I was a fool to try to compete with her.

‘I’m sorry, I wish I could change it. She said, her husband had nudged her and left us to talk,

‘I slept with your husband.’ I said, I wanted her to hurt to hear it from me, at least for once she should be the victim, she seemed unperturbed, like I had said nothing.

‘Several times.’ I added, but her expression was cool.

‘I know and am responsible for your predicament.’ She said, I should have known that she always had the last laugh, she knew and plotted against me.

‘Will you forgive me.’ She asked.

‘I guess we’re even.’ I said,

Dubai airport was hot and humid as usual, that was our new home with Sani and I hope our future is better, I had nothing to hide he knew all about me and still accepted me.

‘Are you okay?’ Sani asked.

‘Yes.’ I nodded and he wrapped his hands around my shoulder and we proceeded into our future.

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