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Blaze Of Retributive Justice Episode 16



Blaze Of Retributive Justice

‘You’re good for nothing.’

‘Yes I know, where is your good for something son, messed up.’

‘You’ll never be half the man he was.’

‘Yes I agree, especially under women’s skirts.’

‘How am I not sure you orchestrated his downfall.’

‘Nooooo he did this himself, all by himself, infact am done handling your broke company agree that you’re broke.’

This has been going on for ages since Asad suffered a heart attack, a scandalous video of him went viral, he lost half of his fortune and his wife left with his kids.

Mr Raza and his son Ahill chose the hospital to air their dirty fight since when he took over the company in absence of his brother, things went from bad to worse for the company, Ahill could not do anything to save the company and he blamed everything on Asad’s mistakes.

‘Baba please, Ahill you people should control yourselves, you can do this at home.’ Sanam’s gentle voice said, she had just come in with two stern looking doctors.

‘Is it not Baba he can’t face the fact that his beloved son has ruined…….’

‘I think you should leave.’ Sanam said.

‘It is better, even I want him out of here.’ Mr Raza said.

‘Both of you, the hospital will appreciate if non of you ever visit again please, this time we’re serious.’

They both left, just then Abhas came in and I used that opportunity to leave the room.

Sanam joined us at the cafeteria apologising profusely for what happened inside.’

‘It’s okay my wife and I are practically family.’ Abhas said.

I knew Abhas heard everything from outside the room, A car screeched on driveway, we all knew it was Ahill.

Their attitude was the reason Asad has refused to open his eyes, the reason why he pretends to still be sick when he has recovered.

‘Nafisa any news about Shahna…….’

I nodded in negative, Abhas pushed his plate, he was very disturbed about his sister going missing the day everything went down.

When we received a call from Mudassar to come to the hospital, the first person we asked after was Ladidi.

‘She’s not here Mudassar said.’

‘Why, how do you know?’

‘It’s a long story and he told us how things started to go wrong from missing funds to hospitalised mistress to burning house the video and finally Ladidi’s note which he showed us and visa applications.

It was a terrible day, Abhas had seen the video and he thought Ladidi was somehow justified to run as she couldn’t face the society.

Months have passed and Asad prefers to sleep all day and cry at night on his hospital bed, we knew he had recovered but was not strong enough to face the world.

‘You known it’s surprising how everything went down, like it was all planned.’ Sanam said.

‘Yes it seems so, but who could have done it.’ Abhas asked.

Silence came upon us as we were all immersed in our thoughts.

Sanam’s phone beeped she checked and excused her self.

‘Nafisa what do you think really happened? Abhas asked me.

I can’t say, but it’s fishy, this seemed planned to the core.

As we went home, I thought of Ladidi, she was not my best sister inlaw, she told me to my face that I was ugly, that my feet were as big as Adnan’s and that I charmed her brother but I didn’t. The only reason Abhas treated me differently was because I was a different woman from them, had I been an affluent and arrogant woman like Ladidi then Abhas would have treated me like Asad treated her.

Ladidi is the most beautiful of all my sister in laws, the most arrogant and the most loved, she walked the world like she owned it I often wondered if she will ever be taught a lesson to make her humble.

She came to me seek advice which I gave and she came back and told me it worked that Asad had changed, and everything was alright, at that time I was under duress myself as the love of my life was marrying again, I later knew it was his friend’s widow and he felt obligated to help, he could have taken care of all their expenses that should not have included warming her bed but at the long run I understood she was human and would need to be loved too.

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