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Biafra: See An Open Letter To Nnamdi Kanu A Facebook User Wrote



Biafra: See An Open Letter To Nnamdi Kanu A Facebook User Wrote

A Facebook User has written a public letter to Nnamdi Kanu,leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra,IPOB.

The letter is coming in as result of President Muhammadu Buhari’s statement in an interview with Arise Tv in Lagos on Thursday referring to IPOB as a dot in a circle.This which has sparked negative reaction among the Igbos.
It reads;


Dear MNK,

Over the years you have been fighting tooth and nail for the betterment of Biafrans.
Gone to prison,your relatives and loved ones have died still dying all for the fight of referendum and peaceful separation from the enemies of the Igbos.

My letter is mainly focused on PMB words that igbo is like a dot in a circle.I’m deeply pained at the current genocide and killing of innocent people in the Southeast it’s not okay.

Over the years you have been trying to make Ojukwu’s dream in1967 come to fulfilment at all costs but I believe strongly that you should just focus your agitation on the Southeast alone pls.

The south being part of Biafra is a nice idea knowing fully well that there are many indigenous Igbos there but I believe strongly the 5 will make a great  nation,not minding the landmass.

Igbos in Nigeria are about 40million with over 80%from the Southeast and 20% from the south south.That makes Biafra a country with over 35million people,2nd most populated country in West Africa and the 12th in Africa.also the 42nd biggest country in Africa.So there’s no need for further delay,even the Rome that is not up to a local government in Anambra has  5million people and they are okay even without crude oil or gold or whatsoever.

It’s not by force to be in alliance with people that despise one or dont want you bcos in the feature something will happen and accusations that their resource was used to build ones land so its not by force sir.And for Igbos in those region you can as well opt for referendum for who wants to join Biafra.

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But to my own knowledge and research non of these states has ever held Biafran protests or claim Biafra.If Igbos there don’t want Biafra then leave them and achieve the achievable first cos there is a proverb that says save yourself before you can save others.

About access to anywhere he made mention.Actually Igbos have access to sea.We have old seaports like the one formerly called slave port in Abia(if developed) and River Niger is okay.We have crude oil in Abia and Imo and besides Igbos are not know to be dependent people.Most of the rich Igbo men in Nigeria are not actually into oil business like their counterpart in the North.

We can turn bush into stadiums sticks into Gold stick  so why the relying and receiving  insults.After the war I learnt that Igbos were just given a very meagre sum but still they made it and excelled above all their counterparts which is one of the reasons for the hatred.

Igbos leaving outside the East should come back home and control there businesses from the East.I mean the well established.

They can never give you Biafra with oil,note that.Lets build our own without crude oil like south Korea,Singapore and others did.Singapore is one of the three most developed countries in the world without crude oil and not even up to half the size of Onitsha alone.

Try and get Biafra with 5 and see the wonders that God has in stock, There are Igbos in other African countries since they can’t become Nigeria to unite with us then why force these ones, Lets just do it with peace no violence pls.

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