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Authentic News Giant: Emerging News Network and Fight Against Fake News



Authentic News Giant

In renewed global fight against Fake News and compromised Media, Here comes AUTHENTIC NEWS GIANT with the Vision to curtail fake news.

Although not new, our awareness and use of the term “fake news” has risen in prominence. In general “fake news” is journalism that consists of deliberate misinformation, news whose main purpose is to distort “the truth for emotional persuasion, seeking to drive action.” More recently it has become a catch-all term used to discredit stories, and in the political arena to influence the political process and elections around the world.

Authentic News Giant which was born in 2019 which has it’s unique way of disseminating Information which has been verified to the general public.

With a cross section of professional editors in the source for News has been able and will continue to verify News around the world.

Knowing fully well the consequences of Fake News to Nations democracy and its detrimental effort to stir emotions, Authentic News Giant provides neutral and Authentic coverage of major events.

Having Cross sections of News, Politics, Education, Entertainment and the Exclusive.

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Fast News Nigeria is a Fast Growing Online News Platform that dissect unbiased Political News. Fast News Nigeria focuses on the Political Happenings in Nigeria. Here at Fast News Nigeria whenever a news is being put up, you should definitely know that it has been verified and made Authentic!. Fast News Nigeria is always the First In Breaking The News, We are Reliable and Trusted.

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